IKEA Ramadhan Buffet 2009


I look forward to this visit ever since i saw on IKEA’s website ads they’re having MYR15.90 buffet. My mind went imagining I’ll be happily stuffed with Salmon fish, Lemon chicken, Meatball, Sphagetthi, Daim cakes, Freshwater Shrimp, custard puff, unlimited soft drinks(bad Huda).

Before i went there, i google tru to see other’s review. Majority says it was beyond what they expect. Eh ape ni. No..It was nothing what they expect. I had double thought dahh..

I pickup Cheryl, borak2 and off we went to IKEA jugak. haha. unconscious mind. I went there jugak because it is a convenient place :parking free, place to eat, surau dekat dgn cafe n selesa, can jalan2 n steal some interior design idea after solat, have some shopping= Happy

Cheryl n I had same interior concept and she’s quite an artistic. I bought a cheap big wooden frame (RM15), thinking to paint its frame with white and make it rusty. Cheryl volunteer to paint the artwork for me and put it in that frame. My idea is an abstract, uneven shape, black white red and undefine. My initial point of buying that frame is that to make some pic collage or stylish fabric innit. heheh anyway im happy someone wants to paint an artwork for me, exclusively!

Oh back to the buffet..here’s the menu of the day ok. Im not sure if they change the menu daily or what but here’s what i had yesterday(3rd day puasa)

Nasi Putih

Ayam Bakar Merah

Ikan keli bakar percik

Broccoli mixed veggie

Kerabu Sotong


Rendang Tok

Veggie lasagna

Desssert : kuih melaka (xtau nama sbnar), kuih koci, jelly blackcurrant n jelly coconut, pisang, ice-cream (vanilla, strawberry, choc), kurma

Beverages : Coffee, sugar cane, soya, bandung, air kosong.

Semua boleh amik secara unlimited! biasa la kan, kater buffet.

And while the buffet on going from 6.30-9pm no ala carte can be ordered. The last order would be on 5pm. So, i dont get a chance to order even 5pcs meatball.:(. The place is closed and the entrance would be near the washroom. You pay rm15.90, got a green sticker and go.

I think this is the cheapest buffet available in town compare to other restaurant and hotels as in 2009 ramadhan buffet promo and buffet ramadhan except for fast food chain lahh.

For me, yeap I expect more of westerns but buka puasa always significantly close to Malay food. Looking forward for Salmon day!!!

p/s : Oh I went there on weekdays and no hassle at all.I arrived at 7.10 and straight away took the buffet. Not sure about the weekend tho..

p/p/s : Many non-muslim took the chance also..Make sure to tahan if they eat before the azan


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Serena on September 3, 2009 at 9:08 am

    It must be huge response from the non-Muslims also. Am i rite??


  2. Posted by nughol on September 3, 2009 at 9:19 am

    yeap lots of them,,, they eat before the azan summore..


  3. Posted by farah on September 9, 2009 at 4:21 am

    walk in ke kena booking dulu? if booking needed, what number to ring?


  4. Posted by nughol on September 9, 2009 at 4:19 pm

    im not sure..i dont think kna book dlu..just walk in but make sure be there early on weekends. On weekdays xde problem..xramai.


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