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Solat jenazah

This entry may is serious and educational-kinda writing but this issue triggers me to write and share


This morning after taken my breakfast and lazing in front of telly before going to work, my dad watched Astro oasis program : Bicara Kifayah which discussed about Solat Jenazah as one of the fardhu kifayah muslim must learn. There’s even the case where some muslim who’s totally blank and perform ruku’ during Solat jenazah which is not a necessary.

Frankly speaking i never forgot i learned Solat Jenazah. I think i did, but only on paper, but never practice it which makes me so shame of myself. i did know the flow but never practically do.

What interest me was that Ustaz Hassan Din said the most rightful person to be the imam is the closest related person to the jenazah. Means if your child meninggal, then the father should really be the imam and conversely. If the wife meninggal, then the husband took the responsible. There even the cases when the father/mother meninggal, the child do not take responsibility to be an imam, worst thing they not even in jemaah.

Wow, i dont wanna be like that..

My mom regularly help with the jenazah prep lately. If any person meninggal around Semenyih and asked the Masjid Jamek Semenyih to settle it, the my mom and Alang(mom’s sis) will prepare the kain kafan, the kapur, the wool and everything you need to wrap a jenazah help with another makcik.

This a big wake up call to really know this thing for me.

Here’s how to perform Solat jenazah courtesy of  syahirul or you can search on youtube to sneak into the movements

Persediaan solat jenazah:

  • Mayat mestilah diletakkan melintang ke arah kiblat.
  • Mayat lelaki kepalanya sebelah kiri imam dan imam berdiri di sebelah kepada atau dada mayat.
  • Mayat perempuan kepalanya sebelah kanan imam dan imam berdiri di pinggangnya.
  • Bagi solat ghaib, imam dan makmum mengadap qiblat tanda ada jenazah di depan.

Dalam solat jenazah, tiada rukuk dan sujud, jadi makmum harus berdiri rapat antara satu sama lain dengan makmum yang di hadapan.

Sebelum solat, sunat Bilal melafazkan :

الصَلاَةُ جَامِعَه الصَلاَةُ الْمَيِّت اَلْحَاضِرُ رَحِمَكُمُ الله

Jawab Makmum :

الصَلاَةُ لاَ اِلَهَ اِلاَّ الله

Sof solat jenazah seboleh-bolehnya dijadikan 3 sof dan makmum digalakkan melebihi 40 orang.

Rukun Solat Jenazah

  1. Niat pada takbiratul ihram.
  2. Berdiri bagi yang berkuasa tanpa sebarang rukuk dan sujud.
  3. Takbir 4 kali termasuk takbiratul ihram.
  4. Membaca surah Al-Fatihah sesudah takbir pertama.
  5. Selawat atas Nabi Muhammad saw (selawat Ibrahimiyyah) sesudah takbir kedua.
  6. Doa khas bagi jenazah sesudah takbir ketiga.
  7. Memberi salam sesudah takbir keempat.

Cara solat jenazah:

1. Berdiri dengan betul dan melafazkan niat solat jenazah seperti berikut.

2. Mengangkat takbir pertama (اَ للهُ اَكْبَرُ) berserta dengan niat di dalam hati dan diteruskan dengan membaca surah Al-Fatihah.

3. Mengangkat takbir kedua (اَ للهُ اَكْبَرُ) kemudian membaca selawat ke atas junjungan besar Rasulullah s.a.w seperti berikut.

4. Mengangkat takbir ketiga (اَ للهُ اَكْبَرُ) kemudian membaca doa seperti berikut.

5. Mengangkat takbir keempat iaitu takbir terakhir (اَ للهُ اَكْبَرُ) kemudian membaca doa berikut.

6. Memberi salam ke kanan dan ke kiri.

Selesai beri salam, korang bolelah membaca surah Al-Ikhlas (3 kali), surah Al-Falaq (1 kali), surah An-Nas (1 kali), surah Al-Fatihah (1 kali), surah Al-Baqarah ayat 1-5 (1 kali), ayat Qursi (1 kali) dan baca doa yang sesuai.


Di atas adalah panduan lengkap bagi yang ingin berlajar bersungguh-sungguh tentang solat jenazah dan jika korang dalam kategori susah untuk mengingati dan menghafal panduan di atas, bolehlah lihat panduan ringkas yang turut aku sediakan di bawah. Yang penting kita mesti tahu bagaimana untuk melaksanakan solat jenazah.

1. Niat dalam hati sambil melafazkan takbir (اَ للهُ اَكْبَرُ) seperti berikut:

Sahaja aku solat jenazah terhadap mayat ini, 4 takbir, fardhu kifayah kerana Allah Ta’ala.

Kemudian baca surah Al-Fatihah.

2. Setelah takbir kedua, baca selawat ke atas Nabi.

Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad.

3. Setelah takbir ketiga, baca doa berikut.

Allahummargh firlahu warhamhu (untuk mayat lelaki)

Allahummargh firlaha warhamha (untuk mayat perempuan)

Untuk mayat kanak-kanak yang belum baligh, tidak dibacakan doa ini kerana mereka masih tidak dikira dosa pahala oleh malaikat.

4. Setelah takbir keempat, beri salam ke kiri dan ke kanan.


* There’s an application ready to download solat jenazah lelaki for easier view and understanding

Thank for reading or looking for this guide.:)

Tatacara sepenuhnya dari : syahirul dan ustaz nor amin

ps : Ini adalah versi selepas diedit pada 17 Febuari 2012. Entry asal 29 Sept 2009 saya ada error penulisan tak letak perlu baca fatihah selepas takbir pertama. Wallahualam bissawab.


Raya 2009

Raya has end…Well I didnt have specific entry about my raya as my pictures are barely none using my camera..Its so lame of not having picture by my own and has to beg others which i think would be foreverrr. Well….

Its so sad to leave Ramadhan as i learn a lot this year and i’ve become wiser than i think 🙂

Raya morning I didnt go for Raya prayers-mom didnt go so i have no guts to do so too. Mom condition are just barely O.K, she easily tired, didnt have appetite and lost weight 5kg but manage to level up 700g last time she weighed. She didnt do much housework, I did. But she cook raya dishes as usual helped by kak nina and yasmin. I help with the pasar shopping with all chicken and beef buy.

Raya routine are the same. We knee down for forgiveness from elderly and gives money packet to parents and niece and nephew.Eat raya dishes. Went to my late sis graveyard. I never saw my mom weeps on sis grave but this year she recite surah yassin with tears. I also couldnt help myself that time. Then off to nenek house where all mom’s relatives gather. Salam and chat and eat summore. Went back home at 4pm or so then at night went to relatives house.


Watson Clearance & Guardian Warehouse Sales

This entry has been saved as draft for 2 weeks or so and now I had mood to continue with my purchase..Hehehe.( Sometimes I ponder what for?since the sales already closed). But anyway I wanna resume….

I went there Saturday 5th september I guess, a day before it ends at South City Plaza, Seri Kembangan. I was in complete shock because it was like a trash site..Totally nothing or dumpster with lots of empty boxes, scattering color palette, messy powder lying on floor but still there’s about 15-20 person in there looking for a decent goods available. ayy I had a pause before i could enter the clearance room.( I did anyhow-maybe I could find some lucky handsome items also  hor)

I’ve told my sister who owns a convenient store that there would be as cheap as rm1 items so she asked me to check it out. Well to her dismay..and me also..there’s nothing much to buy. All I can see was a mountain of men’s disposable panties. She said she wants it to be sell at her store. So I bought mainly for her store

Men & Ladies disposable panties Rm1 for 5 packs (Each packs consist of 10 panties)

Garnier Facial mask Rm1 each

Blemish patch Rm1 for 3 packs ( Each packs consist of 3 patch)

Eyeshadow pot rm0.10 each!!

I only pay rm16 for all items..hahaha.My sister surely to take profit as much as she could.

W90217-Garnier-Age-Mask-B45ni je yg dpt google..yg lain xsnap pn.

Oh a week before I went to Guardian Warehouse Sales at Staduim Bukit jalil. This place much more worth it and fully loaded with makeups but a bit pricey. I bought

Revlon Colourstay rm10

378011_lRevlon Super Lustrous Shiny Sheer rm10

shiny sheers

In2it lipstick in Buzz rm5

Total rm25 at Guardian

hehhe..oh i love clearance sales..

ahad semalam…

smalam hari menjaga budak…

Lepas mandi, pergi ke rumah Abg Din utk tengok baby Iskandar

Pergi Econsave untuk beli sotong-mak nak buat ketupat sotong, then bawak Izwan sekali.

1ptg-8mlm tugas aku jaga budak kecik sambil kemas dapur

Xsangka aku ada kemahiran gk jaga budak, tp syarat mesti budak 2 tahun ke atas..thehehe

Lepas hantar mak ke terawih(aku MC), hantar Izwan balik.

p/s : Ayah panaskan sup gearbox tp hangit kering terus.Periuk tu slalu jd mangsa.:)

I cried..

My mom diagnose with advance cancer yesterday


I said

Mak kalau doktor admit dlm ward, masuklah ok.


Tak kisah. Kita usaha je, Allah yang tentukan. Ajal bila-bila aje. Kalau mak pergi, mak xkisah sebab korang semua dah besar panjang. Boleh jaga diri masing-masing.

I replied

Mak jangan cakap macamtu..( And i cant stop crying)


jangan sedih-sedih

Scene #2

I asked

Arwah Linda (my late sister) kanser usus jugak kan mak


kanser merebak ke usus, pneumonia pun iye jugak. Sejak lahir, dia tak pernah sakit,tak pernah demam, xpernah merungut, tiba-tiba umur 21, sakit 3bulan, terus Allah bawa pergi.

I cried endlessly

Ramadhan buffet 2009 : Hartz Chicken Buffet

I had some trouble choosing the best place to buka puasa with my Unimates coz some of them are student/just start work and I have to make sure the place isnt sucking  money much. Opss Huda Razzy student kerr..We decided to buka puasa at Sunway Pyramid. As you know Sunway Pyramid got lots of eating outlet-you name it! I asked my fren to reserve a seat for us and he choose Hartz Chicken Buffet.( Actually he went straight to my 1st suggestion..hoho).

The price per pax rm26++ and you can eat, stop for a while for solat and continue to maximise your stomach size later until…i’m not sure but we went out at 9. But must have someone at the table lah..The T&C i saw reminds that only 1.5hours only for the buffet.

The menu..(it’s a whoole lot, i might missed some items)

Chicken(of course)-fried, roasted, popcorn-like


Salad BAR of every darn ingredientss!! About 30 selection + pasta

Nasi Putih, Nasi Goreng, Bihun Goreng

Traditional lauk-Msak lemak, curry, veggie, maybe about 8 types

Traditional kueh-1 full table-u choose inclusive of Bubur Kacang, Bubur Lambuk

Drinks : Coke, Punch, Sirap..

Desserts : IceCream- Chocs, Vanilla, Strawberry

Cut fruits, cakes of different flavours, Kurma


Well I satisfied with the drooling line of food…yumm

But beware, its a place that makes u kinda deaf for a while..Because everybody’s talking, laughing and rushing to get the food. I had to speak (or shout) to communicate with my friends..But I’m glad i can laugh like theres no tomorrow and noboody would turn and look at you strangely.Haha

The location : Sunway Pyramid, LG2 55, next to Nandos, infront of MPH. Also there’s another outlet at Times Square.