Watson Clearance & Guardian Warehouse Sales

This entry has been saved as draft for 2 weeks or so and now I had mood to continue with my purchase..Hehehe.( Sometimes I ponder what for?since the sales already closed). But anyway I wanna resume….

I went there Saturday 5th september I guess, a day before it ends at South City Plaza, Seri Kembangan. I was in complete shock because it was like a trash site..Totally nothing or dumpster with lots of empty boxes, scattering color palette, messy powder lying on floor but still there’s about 15-20 person in there looking for a decent goods available. ayy I had a pause before i could enter the clearance room.( I did anyhow-maybe I could find some lucky handsome items also  hor)

I’ve told my sister who owns a convenient store that there would be as cheap as rm1 items so she asked me to check it out. Well to her dismay..and me also..there’s nothing much to buy. All I can see was a mountain of men’s disposable panties. She said she wants it to be sell at her store. So I bought mainly for her store

Men & Ladies disposable panties Rm1 for 5 packs (Each packs consist of 10 panties)

Garnier Facial mask Rm1 each

Blemish patch Rm1 for 3 packs ( Each packs consist of 3 patch)

Eyeshadow pot rm0.10 each!!

I only pay rm16 for all items..hahaha.My sister surely to take profit as much as she could.

W90217-Garnier-Age-Mask-B45ni je yg dpt google..yg lain xsnap pn.

Oh a week before I went to Guardian Warehouse Sales at Staduim Bukit jalil. This place much more worth it and fully loaded with makeups but a bit pricey. I bought

Revlon Colourstay rm10

378011_lRevlon Super Lustrous Shiny Sheer rm10

shiny sheers

In2it lipstick in Buzz rm5

Total rm25 at Guardian

hehhe..oh i love clearance sales..


2 responses to this post.

  1. Gosh…. why I never read the same post bout this sales at ain’s blog… duh…sygnye..


  2. Posted by nughol on September 16, 2009 at 7:46 am

    heheheeh sorry coz lupa jgk nk inform u…maybe u’re not around time tu kot.ehehehehe..but anyhow nt ade clearance sales ak bgtau k..:)


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