Raya 2009

Raya has end…Well I didnt have specific entry about my raya as my pictures are barely none using my camera..Its so lame of not having picture by my own and has to beg others which i think would be foreverrr. Well….

Its so sad to leave Ramadhan as i learn a lot this year and i’ve become wiser than i think 🙂

Raya morning I didnt go for Raya prayers-mom didnt go so i have no guts to do so too. Mom condition are just barely O.K, she easily tired, didnt have appetite and lost weight 5kg but manage to level up 700g last time she weighed. She didnt do much housework, I did. But she cook raya dishes as usual helped by kak nina and yasmin. I help with the pasar shopping with all chicken and beef buy.

Raya routine are the same. We knee down for forgiveness from elderly and gives money packet to parents and niece and nephew.Eat raya dishes. Went to my late sis graveyard. I never saw my mom weeps on sis grave but this year she recite surah yassin with tears. I also couldnt help myself that time. Then off to nenek house where all mom’s relatives gather. Salam and chat and eat summore. Went back home at 4pm or so then at night went to relatives house.



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