‘Aishikin Jamaludin wedding dayeay

I knew Shik since i first step in UTM. At first glance, she’s kinda arrogant girl and hey-i-know-exactly-what-i-want type of girl so i dont really wanna mess around and mingle with her!! and she’s not as same matriculation with me.

Since i always chit-chatting with Ummu(she’s in same Matric with me) which happen to be Shik’s roomate..I start going to their room and lepak2..(i dont have roomates on my 1st semester)

Then I start befriends with Shik.She’s soo hygienic and fussy and criticize about almost everything whilst im not like that at all but we get along well..:)). We did a lott of thing together. Shik was an active mahasiswi back then and enjoy to be in leadership programme.She asked me to joined the dancer group, the volleyball, the KRP open day and truthfully she opens up many door for me to explore the campus life and not just being a geek.

She’s also very easy going.Its just you had to stand with her straight-to-the-point laserr mouth. Maybe she’s motherly type and loves to manja me..Haha.

at my makngah house

at my makngah house

we went to malacca for bakyah engagement

we went to malacca for bakyah engagement

convo-ing together

convo-ing together

And now…………



OMG..never seen her makeup like that.

DSC05107vvvvshe’s really married!!!

That’s mean I cant be able to do things with her like before.To name a few….

-I couldnt sleepover at her house..Unless her hubby gone somewhere

-I couldnt ask her to went Gallery hunting and critics on others paint work

-I couldnt ask her to scrub my back or cut my nails or tweeze my armpit hair

-I cant just say..Hey lets go somewhere and eat..

-There’s no one who can say “Tak payah beli3x”(She has a gift to control my spending habit)

Waaaaaaaaa how do I live??Wah poyo la pulak..Hey I guess its her time, jodoh and rezeki to get married this soon. We are all happy for you Shik and wish you a Happy Marriage sampai anak cucu..and Im gonna miss your single-lady years..:((



photo courtesy of nourarahmat


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