10 interview gimmicks that WORKS!

To be a true success and impress the interviewee, you must have include any of these/all of these to add a vibe into your new job interview session.Try it!

  1. Car Keys and Mobile phones –  put it on the desk or just hold it to let them know that “I am my own woman” and I’m capable and independent. It gives impressive view some more.
  2. Magazines –  CLEO?Harper’s Bazaar? Depends on the job you are applying for, choose the most-related magazines for your job scope. If you are applying for IT-related, pick PC magazine, business-related, opt for The Edge or something. There’s always a magazine for any field you’re in.That way, they know you are  interested in this area and digging in deep.
  3. Company publications –  There must be a company profile, or their annual report ready to be download over the company website, make a study and look through it, print it and put it in a file. When they ask something about the company , you can flip it even you already know the answer.
  4. Samples of your work –  From previous company , you must have done some project/work, so print all your project works, the powerpoints, the result, the plans or whatever that you did ( the impressive one) and filed it.Every job has its own samples, if you are a chef, you can samples your previous menu, or if you are a web designer, you can show the web color scheme chart or list of related websites you refer to.
  5. Self-development books –  bring it on your interview. The interviewee will think that you concern about motivational and your mind are positive. If possible, quotes some lines from the related self-development books you read. Zig Ziglar, Peter Lowe, Suze Orman or if you in fashion job, quotes from Jimmy Choo or Coco Chanel. The employer will think they don’t have to spare so much to develop your skills or spiritually.
  6. Notebooks –  ..with a question in it.make sure the notebook is not super new,make it a lil bit worn out(so that they’ll think you used it occasionally). Jot down things they said(the relevant one), and prepare a question to ask them. Many interview only involves 1-way communication only, why don’t you make it 2-way and make them jigged.:) What to ask?Ask their organizational structure, who will i be reporting to directly/indirectly. Remember, it supposed to be a gimmick, not a distraction.
  7. Claim personal space –  Claim by making a perimeter of your territory. Put the above said books on your front desk, left and right desk. By doing this, you make a great impact of not letting others intimidating you,especially the other job candidates.
  8. Gadget accessories –   Gadget such as PDAs, laptops and related gizmo’s. if you don’t have one, borrow it, or just bring the laptop bags to up stand your quo.It shows that you already/ready to make an investment for your job development.
  9. Cheque book –  bring it to show you have a stable savings and employer surely amazed by it.
  10. Job manual –  Just because you only in an interview session, doesn’t mean that you know nothing about the position you are applying for. Every job must have a manuals/to-do. Make your own before they even offer you that job! And show them this job requires me to do this and this..

well, definitely these gimmick does not apply to those i) do not dress up properly ii) late iii) no background study

So..its worth a try doesnt it…:)


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hi, babe! Haha, i dun think we shud do no.1 coz it tells the interviewer that u dun care if your phone ring/ beep during the interview session. Even if the hp is turned off, they won’t know & end up assuming you as a “control freak” or insensitive (i dun mean u as U).

    No.6: When u mention notebooks i firstly thot laptop..haha..yeah, jot book is a gud idea.
    No.7 will make me assume that this candidate is hard to approach, not friendly & he absolutely will be out of my list.
    No.8 I dun think this is applicable to all job applications. It might be suitable for magazine/ entertaining/ diplomatic world. Or else, they’ll know it”s just a gimmick/ this person just know to do the talking & showing off. which is gud for magazine/ entertaining/ diplomatic world.

    These are just my opinions.

    That’s what i think.


  2. Posted by nughol on October 8, 2009 at 2:47 am

    hey …
    i think the 1st point shows mobility,fast, and update. if just use car keys would be enough..it shows that you r willing to going places, accessible person
    6 : this gimmick even have been said by Dr.Razali. U remember??
    7 : deoends la..but its shows you are ready for the interview. But dont gives an arrogant face, be nice but still saying “Get away from my comfort zone!”.hahaha
    8 : i dunno la but all job requires to use laptops to show how updates/tech-savvy u are..this is an added bonus to make the interviewee notice you..This show how much u are willing to invest for ur own sake personal development.

    Obviously its not required to use it all lah, choose the most appropriate moves..Be Different! hehehe


  3. Haha, i’ve always agreed with no.6. I do it too…bring my jot book to interview.

    I dun agree on:
    no.1 bcoz it’s not a big deal.
    no.7 bcoz it like u are marking your territory, siap buat kubu guna buku lagi kiri kanan.haha..
    (anjing tandakan kawasan guna urine die..haha,jgn marah.. just reading out a fact.)
    no.8 I mentioned magazine/ entertaining/ diplomatic world coz u need to see like showing off, so u’ll
    stand out, dun care if they say bad/ gud thing bout you.

    Again, just my opinion.. huhu, i love writing & mumbling!


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