Project Runway season 5 marathon

This is what im waiting forrr…

I mean from 8am to 8pm non-stop Project Runway s5 show.(I think) on 25th Sept 2009 which was about a year from the premier show.

What i remember most from all the episode is the finale they did at NYFW Brynt Park. Leanne, Korto and Kenly show rocks!

photo courtesy from platinumblondelife

the 3 finalist

the 3 finalist

This is kenley’s collection inspired by vintage /kenley style -katy perry alike

2946506500_473cf4d02f2nd place goes to Korto( cut-toe)..I wish she wins because her collections are adorably beautiful, sophisticated and everyone would want to wear it with the chic color…(The background music were beautifully match with her lines and the fan the models used was so aesthetically ethnic+chic). Anyhow, Korto wons the Fans Choice Awards.

korto momolu collection

korto momolu collection

Gotta love the top 1st and 2nd from right…:)) and the below left 1-3.Easy to say i love alll of them.

And the winner goes to…..Leanne Marshall

with the blue ocean conceptual

easy breezy beautiful

easy breezy beautiful

She won because the judges (Nina Garcia, Micheal Kors and Tim Gunn) think that she has the clear concept and innovative designer..She deserve to wins.The pattern was spectacular and I love her wedding dress and blue ocean dress which flows perfectly on runway.

p/s : Hunky contestant Daniel Feld didnt make it..He’s so yummy..:P He work for Donna Karan & Zac Posen previously.

updates : Daniel Feld is a gay. he date Wesley Nault, the Project Runway s5 contestant also .Waaaaaa..


5 responses to this post.

  1. salam..yup..sarah nama dia..nape? =D


  2. I hate the last statement! haha…yeah, they are so yummy! Daniel Feld & Wesley Naul.

    Ok, as u know, I also watched the Project Runway S5 Marathon & we already shared our opinion on that.
    YES, WE LOVE….KORTO. but yeah, Leanne Marshall deserves the winning.

    Leanne was an innovative & creative designer, true but she had problem playing with colors… I dunno, maybe she felt bounded by her designs theme thus came with the needs to use only 3 colors in sum…

    I envy them…..;)


  3. mrchenta : ex-gf member aku xsalah…ter’recognize” tgok gmbr tu

    zue : ayat ko xle blah je zue..hahaha..but anyway, i think bcoz Leanne collection are more clear conceptual and architecture-touch + innovative +something new ppl never done that pattern before + perfectly sewn + variety of dress, pants, minis,1 piece, 2 piece + easily matched with each other..But we know we love KORTO’s even more. She’s ethnic + colorful + chic + ready to wear + all season + high fashion + boho + great silhouette ..hahaha omg i can define a lot of things..Gila fanatic Project Runway.


    • I’m speechless… U really are fanatic about Project Runway! But it’s gud…u defined everything on my mind regarding the design.

      WE LOVE Ethnic + Chicky Boho! Yes, we do…


  4. Posted by nughol on October 12, 2009 at 2:14 am

    chicky boho seems like a chicken being bohemian…Haha
    More like a Boho Chic i guess..:)))))))


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