Are you a believer?

Apart from my lust need to investigating things especially about my mom’s cancer treatment, I got heaps of other things to carry out.. My current job (business plan, marketing strategy, product talk, instrument handling, unfinished presentations), my pleasure, my housework (which involves decorating it), my partner’s, my soon-to-be business (mags, comforter) etc..

Last night i slept over at Fafa’s place because since i’m home alone (my parents off to langkawi), then having a companion is fairly good enough. I bought a ceiling lights for my home dining room near Pandan Prima, then i dropped by fafa’s place to pay my debts to her(indonesia’s blouse). We sleep late and chit-chatting until one of us surrender and drop-dead sleep (surely me).

What can I say…my life is unorganized right now. I just go with the flow but still hopefully makes a wiser choice.

I’m worried about Mak conditions the most. I care for her as much as my other siblings does. All i want is the best, but who am i to judge what is the best? I couldn’t weighted the options when the other is slightly intense or choosing either one means i have to forget the other one. Its killing you when to make the rightest decision, you have to desert the other. It is principally effortless because you only have 2 selection yet risky one.

If you think a little too much, this is the trouble you have to face.

Ok the subject is simple : DOES MY MOM HAVING A CANCER OR NOT??

Modern view : Yes my mom having Mantle Cell Lymphoma Stage IV with B symptoms, involved spleen and bulky. (CT Scan, x-rays, colonoscopy, ultrasound, enormous blood test, blood transfusion, water drip done)

Traditional view : No, its just a Busung of 7 layer inside tummy because of inappropriate diet.

Okey so what’s next?

Modern view : R-CHOP 6-cycle chemotherapy to kill the cancer cell activity and stopped the spreads to other organs

Traditional view : Continue using herbs preparation and pantang.

Can I choose both method?

Modern view : Yes, mixed it up as long as no interaction.

Traditional view : Since its not a cancer, then why harming yourself with chemotherapy high dose chemicals

Its all a matter of what you believes in. tricky eh.

We’re all performing solat istikarah to ask guide from Allah s.w.t.


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