I am OFFICIALLY a P.I [part 1]

I used to think working at snopes.com is the coolest thing..Digging stories which you need to confirm it is true or not. Now i’ve being investigating about my mom treatment option (modern or traditional). I got tonnes of option and advice. But the decision making is the hardest part i guess..I copy-pasting my query email down here…

Query to TCM (Traditional Complimentary Medicine) unit, Hospital Putrajaya.


nurul huda

show details Oct 20 (1 day ago)
Salam Cik xxxxx,

I am eager to query about the service offered by the TCM departmental unit as i am looking for a after-chemotherapy offset session for my mother whose a cancer patient. She’ll start a 6-cycle chemotherapy session at Hospital Ampang soon and I need a therapy to relieve the side effect and something that can help her to suppress the pain. She’s a 61 year old Malay lady experiencing Mantle Cell Lymphoma Stage IV, B,S, X  and Bulky.

I need an information on -How frequent the session take, The charges, the practitioner, the past-patient experience etc.

Hope that there’s something useful for my mother’s condition.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks and Regards


to me

show details Oct 20 (1 day ago)

Dear Miss Nurul Huda,
Firstly, thank you for your inquiry.

T&CM Unit do offer herbal treatment for cancer patients. The aim of herbal
treatment is to relieve the side effects following conventional treatment
(e.g. radiotherapy and chemotherapy) and also to improve the patients’
immune system.

The procedure to get the herbal treatment is as below:
i. Referral letter
-Please ask the consultant or specialist who is treating your mother, to
write a referral letter to us (i.e. T&CM Unit) for herbal treatment.
– If the consultant or specialist is not so keen to write the referral
letter, please assure them that the herbal treatment act as an adjunct
therapy only. Thus, your mother will still need to undergo the
chemotherapy. Herbal treatment is not to replace the chemotherapy.

ii. Get an appointment date
– Once you’ve got the referral letter, you can ring us at Ext:2319 and get
an appointment date for the herbal treatment.

iii. On the appointment date
– Please come 10 minutes earlier than the appointment time. Once you’ve
arrived at Putrajaya Hospital, please go directly to TCM Unit. At the
moment, we’re doing the registration on our own.
– A staff nurse will carry out the screening on your mother. The screening
includes blood pressure, blood glucose, height and weight measurement and
some medical history taking.

iv. Herbal consultation
– Madam Tan, the herbal practitioner will give the consultation. She is a
local Chinese with years of working experience at Tung Shin Hospital.
– How frequent is the session really depends on the patients’ condition.
Usually for new patients, the follow-up treatment is weekly or biweekly.
But not to worry, Madam Tan will discussed with you the appropriate
– If your mother have done any test (e.g. Blood Test, Liver Function Test,
Kidney Function Test, MRI, CT Scan etc), please bring along the report.
– Madam Tan will prescribe the herbal and herbal will be dispensed to you.
– The herbal is in the sachet form. No need to boil, just add in hot
boiling water.

At the moment, there is no charge for the treatment.

We do have some patients who are taking herbal treatment following the
conventional treatment. The herbal really helps them to reduce the side
effects such as nausea, vomitting, hair loss, no appetite, fatigue, etc.
Usually a patient will feel very fatigue and tired after chemotherapy
session. Alhamdulillah, with the herbal treatment, the tiredness and
fatigue have been reduced. But some of the patients can’t tolerate with
the taste and smell of herbal.

That’s all for now. Please don’t hesitate if you have more inquiries.

T&CM Unit,
Putrajaya Hospital


nurul huda


show details 2:29 PM (19 hours ago)

Thanks for your information. I went to Hospital Putrajaya this morning to get the further information.

In your replied email stated ” Herbal treatment is not to replace chemotherapy” but what if I insist on using herbal treatment as my main treatment for cancer, ignoring chemotherapy. Is that possible as it is my call. Is there any patient using this as their main treatment in these 3 hospital with TCM?
Thanks n Regards

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to me

show details 7:48 PM (14 hours ago)

From our herbal practitioner perspective, it is not advisable to receive
only the herbal treatment and ignoring the consultant’s opinion to receive
chemotherapy. The reasons are as follows:
– Chemotherapy is effective in controlling the cancer cell’s growth and
killing the cancer cells. While the focus of the herbal treatment is to
restore the body’s balance following the chemotherapy, not on controlling
the cancer cell’s growth.
– We need the referral letter from the consultant/specialist not only  to
register the patient and but also to understand  the patient’s’ condition.
Usually the doctors will be reluctant to write the referral letter once
they’ve learned that you want to rely solely on the herbal treatment.

We do have patients who receive herbal as their one and only treatment.
But their condition are as follow:
–       Upon the consultant’s suggestion to receive the herbal treatment as the
patient is too weak and too old to undergo chemotherapy.
–       For cancer patients who are in advance stage where the cancer cell has
spread to other parts of the body and other treatment (chemotherapy and
radiotherapy)  will not do any good. In this case, the herbal treatment
serves as palliative, i.e. to reduce the side effect of cancer and to
improve the patient’s quality of life.

If I’m not mistaken,  you mentioned earlier that your mother has Stage IV
Lymphoma, which is already the advance stage. Is it? If that’s the case,
once you have the referral letter, we will be glad to give you the herbal
appointment date.

I hope you are satisfy with the given information. Thank you.


Traditional dan Complementary Medicine Unit,
Putrajaya Hospital.

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xxxxxx is the disclose abbs to the pharmacist


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