House chores

Household chores seems to be my recent favourite tiring thing.

I believe that you have to be a smart buyer when it comes to household item, so that you wont pay through your nose!

I’m looking for table cloth yesterday at fabric store and tesco. Tesco have this PVC table cloth priced rm17.90.I didnt buy because im looking for flowery englisy gardeny.

Because my table is its kinda hard to find.

Then i went to Nagoya textile store and saw all affordable but nice looking fabric for curtain. There’s a flowery english garden feeling pattern. The price rm3.80/meter. So I only bought 3 meters.(I really dont know it fits my table or not firstly. I start thinking i had to sew it somehow). I also found very-Kenley like pattern fabric. It was purple, pink, big flower. Really gorgeous!Perfect for my room curtain or deco fabric/wall art.It priced rm9.80/meter.

Back home i cut the fabrics i bought smaller than the actual size but still covering the round table. Seems that my cutting are perfect so i dont need to sew it around.Padahal malas nk jahitt

I’m gonna buy sommore metres for the kitchen.For the curtains and the cabinet cloth. Omg, I really have good feeling!

I need 2 chair to mix-match with current chair. I was thinking small half-round bench for 2 without a back support.. Aww it perfectt. Where can I get those? I wish i have my own carpenter!!

Ikea’s price are totally mad for single chair..My likable one were all above rm100/piece!

My newly ceiling lamp has functioned. Thanks to Abg Din for installing it just now.

Im gonna look for some mattress after work. My superior always reminds and awakes me to value and appreciate parents. Gives surprise to them and the’ll love it. A new mattress might be good for them because as for my parents, they’ve been using the same mattress since my sister got married that is 15 years ago! Sorry for the long wait….i’ve been wanting to do this earlier..Alas, this is for the good of the spine bebeh.

As my financial status is not so stable right now, and quite tight too this month, i aint gonna buy a handsome luxury mattress divan set thousand something walawehh..I’ll look for something good enuff but still affordable.

Till i jot down here again

+Winner winner chicken dinner+


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