Weekends project

Apart from being my sister’s driver, I successfully fulfill my weekend by doing new things by not even leaving home-Painting and sewing!! I feel so good to sew kitchen’s curtain and do the cabinet curtain using the same fabrics i made the table cloth.

25102009067sorry for the bad lighting caused by camera phone

Weehee..1 out of 4 piece i made..But mom help me to fix some of the sewing machine troubleshoot..I really dont understand the mechanics of it. My mom back home for a quick break, she’s off to Langkawi this evening.

Then i paint my IKEA frame into white. Want to make it rusty but fail..Thehehe. And i picked old frames and wrap a Kenley-inspired cloth into it.I made 2 wall art deco.

copy IKEA's surau concept

copy IKEA's surau concept

the painted frames

the painted frames

091208_kenley_400x400Kenley Collins collection

There’s many leftover of this fabric so I made a large wristlet and a toiletries pouch..

p/s : Went to Giant Warehouse Sales. Giant shower cream 500ml priced rm2.


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