Woman love football?? I say..Good looks counts

Last night was a history….

I watched football match Man.utd vs Liverpool

And the best part is…..I think i love Liverpool ( I’ll support any team against M.U) and they won the game.

Last time I used to go crazy about EPL and memorize all-stars player as if i’m so expert woo and mainly because of Arsenal’s player Fredrik Ljungberg. Its true (as for me and I think most woman) lured into football because of a hunky dude. I’m soo in love with Ljungberg and thought he was the best midfielder of all-times and even support Sweden in World Cup(which is a rare favorites) but honestly it starts with a looks but somehow he plays very good also.

After Ljungberg’s performance doomed down because of many injury and Arsenal kicks him out to some minor club, my likings starts to fade away…and I start ignoring Football totally. I lost interest and dont gives a hell of who’s winning what..since 2007?

That’s why I said last night was history

Allright Liverpoolers, lets cheer!

Hey, Torres kinda cute( footballers wearing a headband is super sexy)


3 responses to this post.

  1. I like footballer not watching football match on tv coz it’s very long…. I would fallen asleep even before the first goal.. Tp kalo aku yg main, aku suka la… girls style of playing: pukul & peluk nak halang cousins amik bola. (peluk girls jela..)


  2. heheh if u think fooball as a game of 20 men on field chasing for a ball, then no excitement loh..
    i think its a beautiful game and skillful
    U always like dat ahhh..playing around chasing2…haha


  3. haha… yeah.. Baru perasan grammar aku ade salah di atas. Sekarang dlm proses m’improve kan BI ku… hehe..


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