I love doing listings.So Im gonna put summore list..of my favorite chocolate! <Just got back from Langkawi, dats why super hyper chocoholics>

1. 02112009091Im a white chocolate fanatic so this one suit my likings + generous amount of hazelnut. I can finish it like..30mins.

2. 02112009090This one influenced by Ummu Safiah, as an alternative to the infamous Daim and the best of all, this does not leave your teeth filled with gummy honey/caramel. Crunchy too..

3.02112009093Firstly started to love Beryl’s choc because Zulyka Ika gives me some. It was really good and taste like some imported chocolates as well. What i love is the different layer of taste this chocolates gives me. First the bitter powder coat, then the white chocolate, then the crunchy almond. Stages of happiness!

4. 02112009092Creme Noisette the rich sweet chocolate i would die for….Over tau

Ok thats all, this is not top 5..there’s no number 5 because i feel like i dont want to put 5th favorite chocolate. Why harm yourself of finding no 5. I wanna stop here. Thats my decision. Life is beautiful. I start talking as if im Zooey Deschanel. She has this way of speaking that charms and you wanna listen to of whats coming from her mouth. Awesomeness.

Oh i snap this Sunday Malay newspaper article and this made my day

01112009089Apart from saying that this world is full of shit craziness of voodoo-ing others, I notice that Ronaldo’s witch name is FAFA.hahaha( fafa’s my fren, i mean not the witch)


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