What a weekend!

My weekend starts as early as 2am on Saturday. I need to send my parents to Kedah for them to go to Langkawi for traditional treatment. I drive. Bring Cheryl together. I haven’t seen Cheryl for almost 2-3 weeks so this is a perfect plan of spending time together+ accompany me+introduce her to my parents(apesal ayat ni pelik) hehe.

The initial plan is to take -off at 12 but i fall asleep and starts at 2, picks up Cheryl at her place Pudu, then all the wayyy driving to the North. Kesian mak, she’s coughing all the time and she has some shortness of breath due to the phlegm. Im carefully drive. Actually I enjoyed late night driving cursing through North-South highway with less car, cooler temperature, cheaper toll rates( they give off 10%) and what’s best is that you start a day earlier.

Arrive at Kuala Kedah at 9am( stopped at Gunung Semanggol to pray n breakfast) then mak and ayah bought 9.30am tixs, me and Cheryl waits until they both at the jetty terminal. Then we do bought food supplies as if theres no RnR ke hape..Wanting to go somewhere jalang jalang but then seems like no interesting place. Cheryl do just fine with the adorable paddy fields along the highway with cow’s and flamingo’s and chit-chatting and commenting on the views.

I stopped by at Kuala Sepetang to enjoy Mee Udang Banjir–will do special post about it separately..

Arrived KL at 5pm and off we went to IKEA to pick up the catalogue, we both had a thing with IKEA! Cheryl even nk buat Hotel IKEA..Hahaha. Routine biasa must went to Cafe for the meatballs and Cheryl with Salmon, and me with small portion kids meal Fishy burger but still…full perut ni.

Then we went to Cavenzi BU to survey the price and the quality at 9pm..Because im so lured into IKEA coffe table, Cheryl also wanted to see what’s new there..Pheww two mad girl over house-deco will be a tiring experiences y’know. Before sending Cheryl back to Pudu, we went to DVD stalls near Pudu Ulu<—its highly recommended ok, because of the good quality, even its a newly released movie.Its all because Cheryl overly-excited after I told her I enjoy Jennifer’s Body, then terus gi Pudu Ulu cari DVD….

Dah send Cheryl, then I straight to Wangsa Maju, sleepover at Zue’s place. She’s alone due to her whole family balik kampung and I’m alone to soo…lets be together la to wipe away the loneliness..Wah macam pathetic je. She cooked for me..Arghhh super rajin of Zue but her sambal udang is a bit tasteless.hahaha dont be mad..Kurang garam je..Then I slept at her couch, do not care about whatever the case..

Early Sunday morning we watch Histeria and UP..I really love those 2 movies<—will do separate post as well!

Afternoon : Went to Shik’s place tengok alll her wedding pics and storyboard..Cantekkkk..also gossiping and stuff.Shik made bihun and pasta..

Then went to Cavenzi Ampang…Again! just because Zue’s head over heels to furniture since she’s gonna rent a house soon near S.alam and glueing over IKEA’s catalog she’s seen.

Went to AEON Jusco Keramat cari Secret Recipe, we’re drooling over cakes but there’s no SR here. We’ve just pick BBQ CHicken, which has awesome foodiee…

I sleepover at Zue’s place also this night..Tengok citer Badshah pastu sleeppppp..Early morning, 6.45 balikSemenyih and pergi kerja as usual..

Argghhh kenapa penat and malas je nak narrate story ni…

OK conclusion: I had fun and tired!! and also I hope Mak condition will gets better.


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