Twilight Saga

I cant wait for the New Moon premier here in Malaysia…

I watched Twilight for the 100th times this morning. Its really spontaneous

Ok I think I act like a 17 year old girl who’s drooling over Rob but im not!. Its the story that caught me, really.

I haven’t finished with the Twilight book, not even close to New Moon yet. I HAVE to finished New Moon before I watch it over the theater, or not. Theater seems different, the quality is not good as DVD’s, plus they have this horrible Malay subtitles. I prefer English subtitles, because its more real.and I cant catch up English very well by voice. But im soo wanting to watch it this Thursday. After that, i’ll wait for the DVD for self indulgence pleasure obsessed.:P

Great casting, storyline and script. That’s all I have to say.

Err compare to that 2012. OMG, it was soo ordinary. The CGI thingy is great la but the casting, the script are horrible. I would never watch it ever again. Dahla sanggup duduk front seat time tu.Urghhh

While waiting for the 26th which is 24hour from now, let me salivates over this

p/s : Oh Perodua’s new MPV launched yesterday. its quite good.55k for manual and 59k for auto transmission.


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