Ayam Penyet Wong Solo

Last night, my cravings fulfilled. Im sooo wanting to eat Nasi Ayam Penyet and I went to Wong Solo with Fafa after hours of googling and reads other reviews and since it was the nearest place from my workplace.

halalan thayyiban means ditanggung halal

Wong Solo ( fafa firstly thought it was a Chinese restaurant) has 3 branch-Taman Dagang, Ampang/BBBangi/Kg Baru Other Indonesian Cuisine you can look out is Ayam penyet Ria, AP Ayam Penyet and Sari Ratu. Ok the location is very easy to find, it was next to Galaxy Ampang. After IPD Ampang Jaya on right,Ace hardware onleft, look to your left. There’s a whole  row of restaurant and Wong Solo placed next to Tini’s Spa.

The interior is decent. air conditioned, 2 options of seating weather to sit on chair or bersila Malay/Indon style at an individual hut they provide with a weaven wall. Its really nice and private. We order Nasi Ayam Penyet which comes with Seamaster mineral water priced rm10.90. I think it is quite pricey compare to normal restaurant i’ve been in Tmn U, JB.They only charge 5-6 ringgit back then. But s’okay,maybe  the price includes nice interior+music feel like u are in Jakarta.

i love the chilli on top of the chicken

Also we order additional drinks since the beverage got unique name. Jus Poligami? Soda Gembira(air bandung) price rm5-6 ringgit per glass.

fafa stealing my Soda Gembira

Others choice : Pecel lele, Tembel Sapi, Ayam bakar, all those Indonesian cuisine la. i could not remember all.

The verdict? : I loveeee the chicken.Perfectly fried and the tempeh and tofu is nice. The brinjal howdidtheycookthat was great.. Overall, its worth the visit, the food is good, clean interior, nice music background, cute waiter 🙂

ps : This place has been recognized by JJCM crew, got Superbrands awards summore..

pps : Im going to Bandung next March.My first trip to Indonesia.Yay

ppps : Ayam Penyet looks easy peasy to made huh…

the look outside..sorry for the bad lighting..and the black creature

The pair in the private hut.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mokhtar bin Ismail on February 5, 2011 at 9:55 am

    Saya ingin tahu adakah pemilik restaurant ini kepunyaan sheik hussein b sheikh omar.
    Umur beliau sekitar 54-58 tahun.
    Bapa beliau Sheikh omar ( Bersara_Pegawai polis berpangkat DSP )
    Abang beliau Sheikh Mohamad
    Sebelum ini pernah menetap di Ipoh_Kem Polis Aerodrome
    Saya sedang menjejaki kawan lama mungkin orang yang sama.


  2. Posted by Mokhtar b Ismail on March 6, 2011 at 2:55 pm

    Salam,sila berikan jawapan anda


    • Posted by nughol on March 7, 2011 at 7:17 am

      Maaf saya hanya ke sana utk menikmati makanan indonesia. Saya tidak tahu siapa pengasasnya. Tetapi ia adalah reestoran org indonesia, bukan org malaysia jika tidak salah saya.



    • betul yg punya restoran wong solo ini adalah orang medan,,tp asalnya beliau dari solo,,,trus merantau ke medan berkawin dimedan,,dan buka usaha restoran wong solo,,usahanya begitu sukses hingga ke malaysia ini,,,


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