I made it all by myself except for the rendang. Each has their own stories. .

Story 1 : Kek Batik a.k.a theeasiestcakeonearth. Its not really cake anyway.All I need is half can of creamer, a packet of milo(small packet), marie biscuit and butter/margarine 250g. Since Tesco kajang packed with maliciously Malaysians who borong all Milo left an empty shelves, then i replace it with Tesco Choice choc.malt which taste ewww..Still got whole cake inside fridge…

Story 2 : Trifle a.k.a supposelytheyummiestdessertofall. I use sponge cakes, cocktail fruits, custard,cooked  jelly,whipping cream and peach slice. It took me hours to think of the exact steps on making it..at 3am i made this.Argghh im questioning like.”hey will the jelly mix with the cream if i pour now? Should I heat the cream?<–what on earth??How long i cook this custard and what condition?Should i wait until the custard hardens? Hey the cream should be the last layer….and so on. Finally it taste fine but not the best la.

Story 3 : Bolognese sauce. This is horrible. I dumped everything in it and the meat does not cook..weeeek

Story 4 : The Spaghetti and Macaroni. I mixed it up since got small portion of macaroni left.Emm no damages here.

Story 5 : Rendang. Err ayah made it.:)

Story 6 : Cheese ravioli in tomato sauce.. Actually it was an instant from the can.Hahaha.Influenced by Twilight nih..

I raya-ing at Alang’s house..They got hefty of good foood.mee masam manis, pizza, lodeh,ketupat, kari ketam, sup ekor…


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