Vanilla addict

Who doesn’t love vanilla scent or  flavor right?

Last week I had a THING with vanilla stuff. This sound freaky eh im soo into food what to do

Browsing through AVON catalogue, theres a vanilla perfume spray that smells damnn good!

I used to wear the body shop vanilla perfume oil to school. I wonder is it really for the body or what.I mean..its oil…

Then i bump into a shop smells friggin vanilla all over!!!

very victorianish royalty logo

I cant help myself so…

Vanilla cake!

I expect the taste would be soooo tempting..but its average.but better than most spongy vanilla cake lah…

The shop name Vanilla located at Kajang town..they sell pastries and majoring in vanilla cakes..ahaha i guess so. and the shop girl keep talking about the vanilla cake they expert in said the vanilla was imported from Madagascar or something..

The cake per slices not worth it..better i bought secret recipe cheesecake.

ps : McD vanilla vanilla flavour thing evahhh


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