AJL..Illuminati and my faith

Stories behind AJL( Anugerah Juara Lagu 24) spread over the internet rapidly..More info you can refer here..http://jejakitinggalanrasul.blogspot.com/

I firstly heard about Illuminati after watched ” Angel & Demon” or “Da Vinci Code”. Now I feel guilty watching and trying to understand the movies. Its just within me although i find the movie are interesting and the story lines developed well. I feel restless along the movie but its really made me stick to the seat and force me to understand it.

Looking back..how many Islamic movie/telemovie/documentary i spend to watch? I rather watch Christinity-movie over Islamic-theme? I feel so sinful. I also feel the same way when people ask me to watch Christmas-like movie..I keep asking myself “Will I go to GSC and buy tickets to watch the movie title Perjuangan rasulullah or Jejak Rasul something like that?”

I recently bought some books but I really interested in Yakjuj and Makjuj book, so I bought one. Cheryl told me some stories about Yakjuj & Makjuj that i dont know, so i thought i must know, and i bought the book. Its good to have a friend that have same perception as you do and keen about these things. Later when i arrived home, i text her and quote ” Im grateful that Allah brought us together””I never had these true passion to gain knowledge about Islam but now I do, maybe it was my mom last gift”

I bought some Yassin to donate to hospital’s surau in the name of Arwah mak and some Islamic book that i thought will gives something to the community or individual who reads it. When I was waiting for my car to be serviced, i noticed there’s some islamic book(mostly about Hari Akhirat, alam kubur dsb) donated by some organization or individuals, i thought wow this is good and when i read it, it really gives impact and knowledge i never knew or neglect before.

There’s also this book that i find very good, it was called “Jangan Bersedih” and im planning to buy it when i come to a point i lose my sanity and think so much about my mom, cries like a child and needs motivation. I also recommend it to those friends/family to give as a present to a person who lost someone.

It was a wake-up call to me. Im trying to dig in depth about my own religion(sounds weird but its true, i dont spend much time trying to figure out depth things of my own religion that is written on my ID). I mean solat is an obligation and we people perform it now and then but other than that..The History of Islam, Kisah rasul, Aqidah..How much did we/I know?

Ok theres no need to explain so much about how I felt but im relieved. This blog speaks within me.

p/s : Ya Allah lindungilah kami dari godaan syaitan yang terkutuk.


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  1. Hi, huda… It’s good like that.. My cousin gave me a diary for muslim (ade citer nabi-nabi skali) Best.
    But u dun have to feel guilty for watching the movies and all. As long as u clear of what u believe. If u are afraid of everything, u will be a close minded person.

    Like my uncle said, Islam is easy but the people who make it hard. Dia ustaz.

    I’m not in a position to say more on this but we can think & always improve ourselves.

    Yeah, we should read more Islamic books (i mean ‘I’)


  2. Plus, if we r not being open, learn & see as much, how can we realize of all the wrong doings in this world & help to improve the situation. But still must have some boundaries… Love ya!


  3. Posted by nughol on January 21, 2010 at 2:42 am

    Hey Zue,
    I just feel guilty coz i “seems” to over react about “other religion” rather than Islam. In Yakjuj Makjuj books, they explain a lots of things about Bible and i dont mind coz its a part of Islam back then too..

    It was like, im excite over things like Da Vinci rather than Jejak Rasul? I feel bad at times but now I feel like its a necessary to know more about my religion than others. If people ask me about some Islamic history,and I got tongue-tied…,thats the last thing I want to avoid, if I can.

    My conclusion is : Its ok to learn about other religion, but dont neglect ur own.

    Love ya too :X


  4. Yes, that’s so true. Yes, I’m going to read more Islamic books myself.

    PS: I’m goin to write about Illuminati on my next post (will put some links to other related websites).


  5. Salaam.
    Dear Sister,
    here’s a little something that I wish to share with you. May you istiqomah in reforming yourself (towards acknowledging more about Allah, ya Rabb, ya illah). Makrifatullah. InsyaAllah.




  6. Posted by Ezzuan Nasir on January 30, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    Salam Nurul,

    Bagus skali bila Ada ramai golongan muda berminat utk mengkaji mengenai illuminati, Freemason & etc.

    Saya sendiri tlah mengkaji lebih Dari 10tahun, Banyak buku, video, artikel yg tlah saya baca baik Dari muslim/non Muslim writer Dan kesemuanye berpendapat yg kita telah hidup dalam sistem mereka. X banyak yg boleh Kota lakukan melainkan memperteguhkan iman di hati.

    Apa2 pun, sama2lah kita berdoa supaya dapat dilindungi dari ancaman ini.

    Don’t knw if you knw this. http://www.wakeupproject.com
    Ada hamba Allah yg berusaha utk merungkaikan semua ini dalam bentuk video. Tajuknya The Arrival (50episode) & The awakening.

    Sesungguhnye syaitan telah berjanji utk menyesatkan umat manusia hingga ke akhi zaman. Ini terjadi sejak mula Nabi Adam a.s. Diciptakan.



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