I had movie-marathon

This week is a LAAAZY week.But i did some work , practising myself of being a great housewife. I think the term “housewife” has been misinterpret by a lot of people. Ok whatever malas nk interpret

I went to Ain’s house. She’s my schoolmate and she’s totally funny. We shared a lot of funny things together. Like..who will think ‘Land of the lost’ is laughable..but she discovered that. And we like almost the same genre of movies and we merepek too. But I hadnt seen her for ages, last was when she comes to my mom’s tahlil. I borrowed from her Mr beans holiday( i know this movie is so outdated, but i havent got a chance to watch it), Wild Child( teeny whiny but its relaxed), Aliens in the attic (very funny) and The Happening (super cool).

I watched Mr Bean Holiday on Saturday night. I always thought this is utterly funny movie but it was so-so. The only part i laughed is when Mr Bean steals this Frenchman motor-bicycle but it was so slow, that the owner can just walk and grab it back.

Excuse me sir..

Aliens in the attic on Sunday morning(after made pancakes and custard cream.it delishiousss i tell u). I love it ( i mean the movie), its funny, real and family-friendly movie. I had no worries watching it with my niece or nephew. Ricky is an interesting character and i love the fact that it was a short-period movie which settle in 1 night but a lot of things going on between that. The twin brothers is cute, Hannah’s very adorable and the script is funny.

Hannah and the geek alien

Cont with Wild Child. Seriously, I got bored at the beginning of the movie but it got interesting after Poppy( Emma Roberts) went to English boarding school. I firstly disagree that Emma Roberts got this role, i think this not suit for her. She’s not so much of a queen bee and she’s kinda short. Ahaha. Its an easy-watching movie. i love Drippy character play by Juno Temple and she reminds me of  Daphne in Heroes.

New gangs, Drippy on the right

After lunch : The Happening played by hunky Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel. I pick it because Zooey in it and recommend by Ain itself (I trust her movie-picking sensory). So even the first part is interesting!, apart from the dead-silence motion picture i thought my TV’s going hay wired but then theres sound heard and im super hype. This is a simple movie but is interpreted very well by M. Night Shyamalan. Very directive and complicated environment phenomena but easily explain by this lines ” An act of nature and we’ll never fully understand it”. Its nerve-wrecking to see people kills themselves within seconds after the chemical spread. (Hey this is a great movie for chemistry student :)). Plants release neurotoxin that distort nerve-control? Is that so? Could this happening in the near future? Seriously I never heard about it before but Shyamalan made me think! Gahhh. There is no paper proved that plants can really release chemicals but maybe IF it was initiated/driven by other substances, it could be possible. I personally know very little about plant chemistry.

Beware of parks, plants, grass or green things!or else....

Great weekends.. lazing at home, cooks, clean up house, and menjaja muka depan ayah..hehe


3 responses to this post.

  1. did watched Wild Child and The Happening.

    Its eerie to think that some day the plants will be human’s worst nightmare. eww.

    Can you imagine pokok bunga raya releasing toxin that will make us kill each other? erk. Maybe pokok bunga kertas ke? Bahaya ni…..

    I also thought wild child is kinda boring at the beginning. Erk. No. I think IT IS boring. hahahahaha.


  2. Posted by nughol on January 26, 2010 at 5:52 am

    oK mari duduk kt tmpt xda tumbuh-tumbuhan but still provide us oxygen yg banyak..kita minum supplement oxygen byk2..pastu hidup cam biasa..haha

    Wild Child macam try-to-be-cool-but-theyre-not….Casting dia xbagus kot..Tp utk relaxed entertainment pleasure je la..Cute drippy..i love weird-looking charecter


  3. i like british accent. Ngeee


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