Marry?Shuhh 4 years later la….

I used to be so sensitive when people talked about marriage. I never thought about it, my boyfriend dont spill anything close to it and im most likely being around late-age woman whose still enjoying single life.

Last year, theres this kinda phenomena among my buddies where everybody got married so early. I wonder what drives them..

I had this terrible assumption that i do not want to jot it down here about why they got married early. ps Dont worry its not about sex at all..just another thing..let me keep that to myself.

Then my life gradually change..My bf text me out of nowhere ” Sayang jom tunang”. I got cold feet. I thought he’s the one who said not later than 30, but near to that….

Then my mother passed away..I feel soo lonely..This event had gives so much impact into my view on life. I noticed theres a big hole inside me, and i surgely wanted to load it with anything…. or anyone maybe?

I read some books and blogs about marriage in does made me think differently

I just want a simple wedding. I saw this on Saiful Nang facebook( is it ok i copy it?), this is exactly what i want to wear

Just a simple white-beige kurung with that traditional necklace. i really love those accesories..last time i saw at SACC expensive oi

Abandoned place with green grass element??..THIS IS MY IDEA of outdoor shoot.Hahaha. Love ittt

Got 1 pic of Ehsan’s wedding. He’s the son of DSAI. His wedding..oh myyy….i love it..Nk upload gambr xbole..aiiih

Oh some wedding element that triggers me is some video i found veryyyy ..romantic : Must watch!! Faeza and Fuad wedding video : This is Chika’s wedding video

Ok stop day-dreaming and get back to work!


One response to this post.

  1. marriage.
    Thinking bout it makes me nervous.
    But me n him talked about it.
    Tp masih xmampu.
    jd not for me. Ngeeeeee
    Not for d time being.

    Tbe2 takot lak kalo jd andartu. But sooooo not ready to become a mother n a housewife.

    Wait another 3 years lah. Hee…

    Udaw cpt la kawin.


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