I’m going to Bandungggg….

Im planning to write a series of journal to bandung, from preparing..after touch down to KL later

yayayay..my head cannot concentrate on works and thinking about bandung all the time wokay because the time is almost running out. Im going on 7th to 10th March 2010 with Aya and my sister. My sister is the last-minute insertion but she wiling to pay 200++ for returned tickets s’okay lah..I bought the promo tickets only rm70 returned tixs during the 0 ringgit promo last year..

I haven’t booked the hotel YET and were torn between few options. I want an affordable, near to town (walking distance to shopping area, FOS, distro, pekan baru), got complimentary breakfast, got complimentary hotel transfer to/from airport, easy access to Angkotan(Bandung public transport). I narrowed down my option :

1) OrangeHomes # rm80/night, complimentary airport transfer and breakfast but not a walking distance to town

2) Rumah Ebo# rm 100-130/night, complimentary bfast, walking distance to FOS Dago

3) Wisma Gandapura # rm49-63/night, complimentary bfast, not walking distace but quite near jalan Riau

4) Hotel Progo # rm60-100/night, complimentary bfast, walking distance to FOS Jln Riau

5) Puri Tomat # rm56-67/night, complimentary bfast, not walking distance but quite near Dago

6) Bukit Dago Hotel # rm52/night,  not walking distance but quite near Dago

7) Hostel by Moritz #rm 23-29/night, no bfast, walking distance to Pasar baru

So will anyone help me choose?? will ya?

I haven’t done the itinerary yet but some travelers has sent me an email recommend  some good places to go. pening kepala sebab banyak sangatt.A lots of blog reviews and give useful tips.

+Places must be insert in itinerary+

Dago, Riau, Rumah Mode, Pekan baru, Cihampelas, Anak kecil, Toko Tiga<–shopping

Tangkuban perahu, Seri Ater, Kg Daun<–nature appreciation/sight-seeing

D’Cost, Kartika Sari, pak Chi met, Nasi Padang Simpang Raya Jln Dago,Sari Sunda<—eateries

ps : Oh i never been to Indonesia before

pps : the hotel will be shared with 3 pax..haha kalau Moritz tu 3 night baru rm23/pax


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hi

    Great info about this Bandung. Will make use of it and please update the blog. Ill be there too sometimes in future.



  2. Posted by nughol on February 10, 2010 at 6:37 am

    thanks for viewing..will updates with my itinerary..and everything good about bandung soon..



  3. Posted by lily on June 12, 2012 at 10:03 am

    hi…nurul ek..kte nk tnye la..
    nk g tangkuban perahu 2 cmne ek..die bkn tmpt same ngan kawah putih kan…nurul g sane naik ape..ble cte x..cmne nk g…bape byr..bape lame..sbb tringin nk g tangkuban perahu…kte akan brtolak ke sane dlm 2minggu lagi…nervous…


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