My health regime+tonsilitis friends..

Note to a friend (undisclosed due to no agreement to reveal this)


I think u got tonsillitis caused by viral/bacterial infection

U got some biji-biji around your body?

High refined carbo, low protein caused tonsillitis

Take vitamin C ( 5000-20000mg daily) to fight infection/boost immune response

Zinc lozenges-an immunoantistimulant aids healing

Other helpful nutrients

Spirulina supplement-got chlorophyll that has antibiotic effect and heal irritation in mouth n throat, vit B complex to help maintain healthy mouth n throat/reduce swelling


Kumur dengan air garam. ½ salt in 1 cup warm water/3x per day

Add humidity , beli ThirstyHippo. Moistening stimulate blood flow to mucous membrane.

Makan yogurt

Minum banyakkk air

Bee propolis is good for treating tonsilitis

Ps: If tonsillitis becomes recurrent/chronic, tonsil may have to be removed…But tonsils are important for proper immune function. Tonsil should not be removed unless absolutely necessary.

So if any friends need advice regarding health concerns, i am delighted to share some of my findings( bukak kitab)hehe

My dad goes for checkups( Blood test, X-ray, some test about his bladder) and seems like nothings to be concern about but im wanting to bring him to Tung Shin-meeting with the dermatologist there whose practising traditional chinese medicine. I thinks its a good alternatives. I disagree of relying on meds.

Now I try to disciple myself by taking good supplement and food. i now taking Spirulina tablet. VitaminC and Cellrenew oxygen supplement each morning. I got heaps of supplement at home but Im considering some easy supplement(prefer tablet form)

because i took these, i would like to share its benefit:

Spirulina- contains18 types of Amino Acid, Vitamins and Minerals

  • 20x protein than soy, more vitamin A than carrot, more iron than beef
  • Fight free radicals, nourish cells, improve anemia, promote healthy immune system, stabilize blood sugar leveland remove toxins

Vitamin C

Our body cannot produce it, must be obtained through diet. Vitamin C is the wonders of all vitamins, in my thought.

  • Smoking causes SERIUOS depletion of vitamin C
  • Diabetic patients whose taking vitamin C may cause false-negative result in their test for blood in the stool.
  • Ester-C is efficient for cancer patient/AIDS. It absorb 4 times faster than standard form
  • Take vitamin C separately if you are consuming aspirin.
  • Pregnant lady do not take more than 5000mg.It may cause the infant rely so much on vitamin C and develop scurvy later.

Ester-C plus bioflavonoids by Kordels..I saw this at guardian

citrex vitamin C

can be obtained by these source alsoo

Lets be a supplement-wise consumer


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