I love him

hehehee tajuk x beragak…

I love that he always feed my tummy with good food. Everytime I went to JB, there must be a new place he take me to.Never been a repeat visit..yet. What I remember….we’ve been to

1. Seafood Gelang Patah..where we’re the only guest to eat lunch..weird eh lunch by the seaside..

2. Seafood Kg Danga. He called this place Lam, owned by Chinese but Indonesian cooks it, he said..I never want to come here again because of the uncertainty. Mind you that lotssss of Malay eats here, maybe thats why he dont mind.

3. Steamboat Pelangi. I love it here..Kinda roadside restaurant but the ambience is nice. You pick up the things to be boiled and the waiter will serve the rest.We eat so much sebab tamak pilih banyak sgt.

4. Rose garden Danga Bay. For his birthday dinner. We order rounded chicken rice and lime ala tequila. Gotta love the deco inside the restaurant, soo Englisy Gardeny. But we choose to eat outside. There’s live band summore.

5. Banafe in front of New York Hotel. I ate Nasi Ayam penyek before but hated it so much, then i came here, I fell in love. Sedapp Ayam penyek, worth a visit.

6. Nasi Padang Kg Melayu Majidee. My first time trying out Nasi Padang. Not bad at all. Small but clean hawker-style eateries.

7. Restoran near BBU(I dont remember but quite hard to find, behind big Mamak resto and beside this longkang besar..not really longkang la).. We loveee the honey squid here..

8. Asam pedas near Desa Rahmat, Tampoi. The best asam pedas in town..as quoted by him. Im not a big fan of Asam Pedas.

9. Kacang Pol Bomba Larkin. I love love love this thing. Couldnt get enough.

10. Nasi Goreng Saufi near Kempas. The portion is too big to me..Got 3 prawn top of the nasi. Nothing fancy, only the prawn.They even adds the crisp(kerak) as in pisang goreng..I dont like it even when I buy pisang goreng, summore inside nasi goreng??

11. Roadside linked-hawker near Padang bandaraya( kedai paling hujung yang ade musician).. We both love ice-jelly and sotong kangkung here…

12. Medan Selera Hutan bandar . Breakfast here. Ok la .

actually there’s a lot of other place but I dont remember specifically

During my studies at UTM, i never been to these place, 1 because he dont have a car yet, 2 my close friends mostly from KL. I’ve been to Senibong, Stulang seafood, Tmn U restaurant nearly khatam semua ( Payung, Pak Ali, Ayub,Aras Ledang, Safiah, Kafeteria Noor, Ketumbar, Singgora, Student Corner .

Yah I love JB food, its totally different from KL. When I went to JB last week, I had breakfast date with Saghah, my ex-roommate from matriculation, even only Roti Canai, its good. The menu of lunch there is whoopingly a lot. You may expect more than 20 different menu awaits.


3 responses to this post.

  1. bestnye huda! I’m so jelez! hehe..in a good way. I’ll do that too.


  2. Posted by nughol on February 27, 2010 at 2:36 am

    hehehe thats why we both so bump bump..
    Yah u’ll do it


  3. Posted by syue on December 2, 2010 at 7:38 am

    mmg sedap!ayh n mak aku pn puji mknan kt jhor..igtkan mahal..murah jek..plg diorg suke,char kuey mayonis..huhu


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