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..of being a woman

I hadnt update here regularly as i updated my wedding blog..but anyways…

I had a lot of thinking…

I’ve been lazy..i’ve sinned..i’ve break down promises..i meant another while i said another thing, my head do much thinking than my hands..(i mean i cant express it on paper)

I think that marriage will make me a better person..insyaAllah.

Its a huge advantage and bless being a woman in Islam..really

I mean…the sin that a daughter did is on her fathers and after marrige..its on her husband so is that mean woman never responsible for their own sin?

But another way around, woman does have a big responsibilities that not many woman can keep it well, including me..for instance to jaga aurat

excerpt from cari forum:

Seorang wanita boleh memasuki pintu Syurga melalui mana-mana pintu Syurga yg disukainya cukup dengan 4

syarat sahaja:

– sembahyang 5 waktu,

-puasa di bulan Ramadhan,

– taat suaminya

– menjaga kehormatannya.

Seorang lelaki perlu pergi berjihad fisabilillah tetapi wanita jika taat akan suaminya serta menunaikan
tanggungjawabnya kepada ALLAH akan turut menerima pahala seperti pahala orang pergi berperang fisabilillah tanpa perlu mengangkat senjata.

MasyaALLAH…sayangnya ALLAH pada wanita ….


Bandung Day Two

We had room service breakfast sent at 8am. They offers either fried noodles or sandwich with tea. Ok lah just to alas perot..Then we straight to Pasar Baru by angkut route Cicadas-Elang. Pay only Rp2,000 per person.

inside angkut

with tante that helps us find Pasar baru from where angkut drop us

Pasar baru directory

Toko laris lantai 1 recommended most by forumers, near the elevator

Total damage for telekung..Rp434,000 for 6 pieces of telekung..try to bargain like crazy but this bapak really tough maa..I bought the weird, unique looking telekung that is hardly to find in Malaysia as such awning telekung, 1 piece telekung sarung, travelling telekung, and hantaran telekung that includes sejadah n bags. hee love it

the telekungs..or in indonesia they called mukena

Citra textiles Lantai 2 we borong the most kain. My sister did some shopping at D'fashion also

Makan time!!

pa Chi met ikan gurame bakar and the stall in front of pa Chi Met

lantai 6 is the Pasar Baru Food Court..hefty kind of Indonesia food but i choose Pa Chi Met recommend by most forumers also.. We order Ikan Gurame bakar set komplit ( they do not sell individual orders, must be with rice and mineral water price RP32,000). Meanwhile we also order kinda Ayam penyet style but different name in front of PCM, for 3 person only Rp40,000 with drinking water summore…

bought bandung T shirt at Pasar baru only cost Rp15-25,000. At airport around Rp100,000!

Wedding favours at Dasar 2

The wedding favour is more cheaper outside of Pasar Baru, near the shop row, but I am tired already, decided to just buy it here..A bit pricey but still reasonable.

Went out from Pasar baru around 5pm…Dah macam kerja kat Pasar baru ni, from 9-5..hehe..We took Gemah Ripah cab(metered) to went back to hotel.. barang sangat banyak, xsanggup naik angkut. Cost around Rp25,000.

Solat, mandi and stuff then went out again to Chiwalk. Since it rains heavily, some of the plans does not went out well. We do not dine at D’Cost because of the electric circuit breakdown along Jalan Setiabudi, paris Van java road also banjir a bit..only Chi Walk are accessible and still got electricity.

did some shopping at Yogja supermarket, Chi Walk

we bought J.Co and pulsa ( topup card )My sister’s maid ordered Kicap bangao?? and Indomee??..Since its different from what is sold in malaysia, she borong 1 carton box..

Aya inside the supermarket.i love the parasol deco up on the wall

Ok tidaklah sanggup saya bergambar begini kalau di KL..hehehehe dgn benda xhalal pulak tu

we had our dinner here

Mula-mula nak makan di ES teller 77 but nearly close and some of the menu not available..So here we go, the food…so-so..Total damage Rp90,000 for 3 person. The deco is very nice.

Aya bought simpack XL, it is under axiata, many recommend this pack loh. Went to Sports FO near Chi Walk to see some of the stuff…then went back to hotel by Gemah Ripah cab..cost Rp20,000.

At hotel…packing all the stuff, sucking inside our bag because tomorrow we’ll be checkin in another hotell!!

Bandung Day One

i hate that Aya always had this tourist shot!

Me, My sister and my friend, Aya. 3 woman trying to make it big in Bandung..cea poyos kan..trying to be light-adventure travellers.

Flight 0945 from LCCT

Arrive 1200 at Hussein Sastranegara Airport

Took an airport cab to the hotel(cost Rp40,000 quite expensive).. From my itinerary, i thought i would had a chance to go to Gazebo but since it closed at 1pm and people would be jammed pack, we head to hotel first.. I brought a big empty luggage ( Takkan nak berjalan bawak luggage pula kan). the taxi driver were confused about the road to the hotel (its quite downtown, not in a city center). It took 10-15minutes to get to the hotel. I choose Hotel Ardellia because of the price, easy transportation and recommendation by forumers from CARI. The rate? Rp220,000 for standard room B with air-cond, hot shower, breakfast. Very warm welcome from the receptionist and the staff.

Ardellia Hotel

Jl. Emong 17, Burangrang
Bandung – Indonesia
Telp 022 730 0371
022 730 0997
022 730 1066
Fax 022 730 0997

Pic from my camera:

Standard B room

the interior

the lobby

view from the top..the little koi pond

After solat and such, we headed to Jalan Riau (actually  i totally lost my itinerary and the two peep just follow me..hehe). We use angkutan kota which is the main public transport for Indonesian. The charge? Rp1000-Rp3000 per head.

angkut gots lots of colour

For angkut route, you can refer here angkutan

Even if you do not print the route…still.. its not hard to cope with this transportation… A lot of angkut available on the road and the driver would be more pleasure to help you with the route and places you were not familiar with. Plus, the passenger itself were very helpful.. Sundanese are nice group of people<— I kept on hearing this its true.

me n my sister inside angkut

We had our lunch at Riau Junction Shopping mall food court and had Nasi Lengkong, Mee Koclok and Nasi…( i dont remember)

Mee koclok

This i dont remember but really nice

Nasi Lengkong

the drinks about Rp6000

The best find is the Belgian Waffle Durian.. Its soooo delicious..I never like durian like i love it like this.. The waffle mix is durian and topped with durian ice cream….To die forr….(no pics sadly)

So after the tummy happily comfort we went to FO Riau & FO Dago


another durian-modified food

melts in your mouth durian ice cream

I didnt do much shopping at the FO. To me it was quite pricey, the brand is so-so…the best find is the MNG Basic blouse price Rp75,000 at Renaritti, Jln Riau. Renaritti got nice selection plus this Indonesian designer’s Yasmin if im not was one of a kind design..

The rain restrict us so much on the walking and time..since we do not hired supir. While waiting for the rain to stop i did buy these..from the paparazii chasing you ALL the time..they will ask and do muka kesian for you to buy every damn thing they sell…seriously its annoying to think about but from another side, at least they’re not doing bad things, for the sake of cari makan…

flip foldover parachute cute bag..pfft Rp100,000 for 10pcs free 5 summore

About 8pm we went to FO DSE  near Jl Dago and buy the kartu telepon to calls/sms malaysia

telco shop..near DSE

FO DSE has lower price tag than any other FO..But its more like a Reject Shop to me..I bought a white long sleeves shirt price only Rp35,000.

The its rain again…We went to Restoran Simpang Raya Nasi Padang Jalan Dago..


these all what we had......

Just after you put ur butt on the seat, they will be more than 15 dishes serve to you right away, together with nasi panas and chinese tea..Well for those yang kebulur memang menantikan service like this..You will be charge by the plate you took.. Each plate cost around 7,000-15,000 depaends on the lauk. Total tummy pleasure Rp110,000 for 3 person. Oh plus Jus Alpukat= Avocado Juice and Corn Juice..ewww..hehehehe. The juice here beyond expectation u know….Very pure

We went back to hotel by angkot near 10pm


Finish day 1…This is the most tiring day..i dunno why..


Bandung – in a wrap

from CARI forum:

Baru balik bandung semalam..memang best n thanks to all forumers yang respon pertanyaan i..Pegi 3 org female
Sedikit summary perjalanan utk sharing

Day 1: Touch down bandung around 12pm..nak singgah Gasibu tapi macam dah lewat je..Terus ke Hotel Ardellia( terima kasih Bella)..naik taxi kat situ dia charge rp40k..rasa macam mahal tp nak cepat..Sampai hotel, nak bayar teksi, xda duit kecil, bagi 50k, dia cakap xda baki..Sedekah je la 10k..Lepas solat semua, terjah FO Riau and FO Dago naik angkut.Best la naik angkut.. I mmg xkisah, dahla murah rp1000-3000 je seorang. Naik Angkutan rute Kalapa-Dago. Lunch kat RiauJunction foodcourt makan nasi lengkong, mee koclok n nasi timbel kot..murah je dalam 10k-15k seorang.The best find is Belgian Waffle Durian..sedapppp gileeeeerrr…Terbayang2 lg kesedapan. Mlmnya ke  FO DSE, murah la berbanding other FO..i beli 1 baju je sini..then beli simcard 3 and XL utk call malaysia.makan kt Simpang Raya dalam rp100k utk 3 org.Sampai hotel dah pukul 9 ++.

Day 2: Pukul 8 naik angkut pergi pasar Baru rute Cicadas-Elang. Jumpa sorang tante keja lawfirm dalam angkut borak2 dia cakap bargain habis2. telekung dalam rp15k je..(i xjumpa pun harga ni). Siap bagi namecard kalau ade ape2 hal. Sampai PB,beli blouse cantik rp40k..telekung kt Toko laris..guna nama kak aina..Borong kain kat D’fashion and Citra. Jumpa french lace yang cantik n murah kat Citra..Rasanya D’fashion mahal la..Beli favours utk wedding coin pouch rp3000 satu.Beli beg kat lantai 6 pasar baru, murah banget..(compare to FO). makan kat Pa Chi met n kedai depan PCM.Murah makan 3org rp40k. Tambah Ikan Gurame Bakar rp32k. keluar PB pkul 5, balik hotel ambik teksi Gemah Ripah, xsanggup naik angkut sebab barang rampasan banyak. Solat semua..nak keluar hujan pulak..receptionist Hotel Ardellia call taxi (igt nak naik angkut je tp hujan lebat)..nak pergi paris Van java tapi jalan banjir sikit(kata driver taxi)..nak makan kat D’Cost tp letrik xda..mmg gelap la jalan tu..Akhirnya pegi Chi Walk je sebab ada letrik kat situ..Beli J.Co, makan kat resto Chiwalk n pegi pasaraya Yogya sebab my sister nak beli Kicap bangao n Indomee kt maid dia..Balik hotel 9++ naik taxi dalam rp25k

Day 3 : Guna supir dari Bella-Nanang.. pergi TP, nak juga entree fee rp11k for indonesian(cakap dari jambi) tapi kantoi sebab my sister terkial2 kira duit.haha. beli strawberry kt atas TP rp10k je..(Sebelum tu nanang dah pesan jgn beli apa2 tp terjebak jugak.katanya strawberry tu dicelup gula)..patutla manis semacam. Xturun kawah domas pun. pegi kebun strawberry, pegi kg. Daun.. pastu hujan lebat gila..terpaksa balik..singgah beli alpukat tepi jalan.Sampai bandar, nak withdraw duit tapi xaktifkan dari malaysia so problemm sangat..buang masa..I xtau kena activatekan…dulu pergi brunei asik guna CC je. lg satu kenapa officer CIMB niaga cakap sistem belum ada utk cardholders CIMB malaysia..malas nak argue panjang(tp diorang mmg nice)..Pergi Rumah tas, mahal jugak rasanya, pergi fren beli luggage, pergi Toko 3. jeans levis mmg murah..Pergi Riau Stock Mall (ni highly recommended)..Sangat2 murah..beli jeans BEBE rp190k je..beli ole2 kartika sari.Check in orange Homes (terima kasih kak Aina)..memang best sini (suka bilik dia bau enak)cuma jauh la sikit dari town. keluar balik pergi Rogers Spa. malas nk tanya rate spa lain lagi dah.. rp155k utk massage n lulur 1.5 jam.. balik hotel nanang hantar..

Day 4 : Flight 6.15 pagi..sedih xdpt shopping lg..hehe

rasa nak pergi lg..Tunggu tiket murah. greatest bargain-french lace and jeans. nanti pergi nak discard FO, Riau Stock mall je i rasa best..pasar Baru mmg xhabis pusing wpun 1 hari..Alun-alun nak pergi nanti..batagor riri xdapat rasa..Indonesian food mmg best!!

CLuster homes..

KUALA LUMPUR: Hua Yang Bhd plans a mid to high-end township project with gross development value (GDV) of RM350 million near its current project in Taman Pulai Indah, Johor.

The company said today the project comprised of commercial units, 2-storey terraces houses, cluster homes, semi-detached units and bungalows to be sold from RM220,000 and above.
Hua Yang said it recently purchased 140.87 acres of freehold land in Johor worth RM35.15 million for the township.

ni design xnk

Motif quote?? Im in love with the cluster home…………..Me n Nasir both la.Its soo beautiful..Dah tengok dengan Nasir last 2 weeks masa pergi JB..He said he want nothing else but that cluster home. its our dream home..Argh I didnt snap the pics masa pergi rumah contoh tu..tak book lagi, the officer cakap selling fast…We calculate the installment and such and think that we can afford it..But one thing..kena delay kahwin if nak beli rumah..Grrrr i know i know owning a home is the largest loan you may did in ur entire life…So kena careful..I read Suze Orman tips…Nak cari buku dia payah la pulak…The house 31 x75..besarrr omaigod…(nak kemas rumah msti sangat mencabar)

courtesy of google-ghaffzahari

Design rumah ni lawa sangattttt..Ok dah berenti day-dreaming

Itinerary changed..

Gelak dulu..Hahahahahaha

Because of this bridal excessive hormones, I think its better if i change the visit to Pasar baru to Monday….soo that if i havent puas to buy wed stuff….hari Selasa boleh pergi lagi….after going back from Tangkuban Perahu. Ikotkan nak skip je TP tapi fikirkan what i had plan before2..kena pergi jugak..And maybe kena hired supir la..harap2 ada la bwh IDR400k for 1 sedan car..

Chanel bags

Out of nowhere I suddenly fall in love with chanel…The quilted stitching pattern handbags. last time i always tot that this is ugly..


I read sumwhere that Mischa Barton is the chanel queen..its like she’s so into the bags..she almost have all the collection

Bandung got eh this kind…..:))))

Yesterday I went to Tesco..found this Chanel alike replica but no 2 C’s whatsoever..its plain black but quilted, gold with black leather  shoulder strap…veryyyy nice…I need a small shoulder bag..Sick of carrying large tote/hobo.

Chanel is timeless and suits all.its a good investment( that came out wrong but girls u know what i mean). Investment because chanel price could go up to 3k.

ps: hantaran bagi Chanel mmg laaaa terbaikk

pps: i dun understand why Ed Hardy shirt is soo sickerly pricey…For rock chic ok la but now its become phenomena alredy. So annoying looking at those prints…….