Chanel bags

Out of nowhere I suddenly fall in love with chanel…The quilted stitching pattern handbags. last time i always tot that this is ugly..


I read sumwhere that Mischa Barton is the chanel queen..its like she’s so into the bags..she almost have all the collection

Bandung got eh this kind…..:))))

Yesterday I went to Tesco..found this Chanel alike replica but no 2 C’s whatsoever..its plain black but quilted, gold with black leather  shoulder strap…veryyyy nice…I need a small shoulder bag..Sick of carrying large tote/hobo.

Chanel is timeless and suits all.its a good investment( that came out wrong but girls u know what i mean). Investment because chanel price could go up to 3k.

ps: hantaran bagi Chanel mmg laaaa terbaikk

pps: i dun understand why Ed Hardy shirt is soo sickerly pricey…For rock chic ok la but now its become phenomena alredy. So annoying looking at those prints…….


3 responses to this post.

  1. It’s ugly. hahaha…(marah cik kak?)
    Kidding, it looks classy & suits woman like Nicole Kidman,
    This is not for me.. Gosh, im a hobo lady. NO……!


  2. Posted by nughol on March 1, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    haha i bet i day u will drool over chanel bags.or at least u hv one.ada 1 gurl inherit her granny chanel bags frm 70s but look classy as ever.truly,chanel is timeless.blh djdkn harta pusaka utk cucu berebut.haha


  3. Hahaha.. that’s why i say it’s classy…


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