Bandung Day One

i hate that Aya always had this tourist shot!

Me, My sister and my friend, Aya. 3 woman trying to make it big in Bandung..cea poyos kan..trying to be light-adventure travellers.

Flight 0945 from LCCT

Arrive 1200 at Hussein Sastranegara Airport

Took an airport cab to the hotel(cost Rp40,000 quite expensive).. From my itinerary, i thought i would had a chance to go to Gazebo but since it closed at 1pm and people would be jammed pack, we head to hotel first.. I brought a big empty luggage ( Takkan nak berjalan bawak luggage pula kan). the taxi driver were confused about the road to the hotel (its quite downtown, not in a city center). It took 10-15minutes to get to the hotel. I choose Hotel Ardellia because of the price, easy transportation and recommendation by forumers from CARI. The rate? Rp220,000 for standard room B with air-cond, hot shower, breakfast. Very warm welcome from the receptionist and the staff.

Ardellia Hotel

Jl. Emong 17, Burangrang
Bandung – Indonesia
Telp 022 730 0371
022 730 0997
022 730 1066
Fax 022 730 0997

Pic from my camera:

Standard B room

the interior

the lobby

view from the top..the little koi pond

After solat and such, we headed to Jalan Riau (actually  i totally lost my itinerary and the two peep just follow me..hehe). We use angkutan kota which is the main public transport for Indonesian. The charge? Rp1000-Rp3000 per head.

angkut gots lots of colour

For angkut route, you can refer here angkutan

Even if you do not print the route…still.. its not hard to cope with this transportation… A lot of angkut available on the road and the driver would be more pleasure to help you with the route and places you were not familiar with. Plus, the passenger itself were very helpful.. Sundanese are nice group of people<— I kept on hearing this its true.

me n my sister inside angkut

We had our lunch at Riau Junction Shopping mall food court and had Nasi Lengkong, Mee Koclok and Nasi…( i dont remember)

Mee koclok

This i dont remember but really nice

Nasi Lengkong

the drinks about Rp6000

The best find is the Belgian Waffle Durian.. Its soooo delicious..I never like durian like i love it like this.. The waffle mix is durian and topped with durian ice cream….To die forr….(no pics sadly)

So after the tummy happily comfort we went to FO Riau & FO Dago


another durian-modified food

melts in your mouth durian ice cream

I didnt do much shopping at the FO. To me it was quite pricey, the brand is so-so…the best find is the MNG Basic blouse price Rp75,000 at Renaritti, Jln Riau. Renaritti got nice selection plus this Indonesian designer’s Yasmin if im not was one of a kind design..

The rain restrict us so much on the walking and time..since we do not hired supir. While waiting for the rain to stop i did buy these..from the paparazii chasing you ALL the time..they will ask and do muka kesian for you to buy every damn thing they sell…seriously its annoying to think about but from another side, at least they’re not doing bad things, for the sake of cari makan…

flip foldover parachute cute bag..pfft Rp100,000 for 10pcs free 5 summore

About 8pm we went to FO DSE  near Jl Dago and buy the kartu telepon to calls/sms malaysia

telco shop..near DSE

FO DSE has lower price tag than any other FO..But its more like a Reject Shop to me..I bought a white long sleeves shirt price only Rp35,000.

The its rain again…We went to Restoran Simpang Raya Nasi Padang Jalan Dago..


these all what we had......

Just after you put ur butt on the seat, they will be more than 15 dishes serve to you right away, together with nasi panas and chinese tea..Well for those yang kebulur memang menantikan service like this..You will be charge by the plate you took.. Each plate cost around 7,000-15,000 depaends on the lauk. Total tummy pleasure Rp110,000 for 3 person. Oh plus Jus Alpukat= Avocado Juice and Corn Juice..ewww..hehehehe. The juice here beyond expectation u know….Very pure

We went back to hotel by angkot near 10pm


Finish day 1…This is the most tiring day..i dunno why..



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