Bandung Day Two

We had room service breakfast sent at 8am. They offers either fried noodles or sandwich with tea. Ok lah just to alas perot..Then we straight to Pasar Baru by angkut route Cicadas-Elang. Pay only Rp2,000 per person.

inside angkut

with tante that helps us find Pasar baru from where angkut drop us

Pasar baru directory

Toko laris lantai 1 recommended most by forumers, near the elevator

Total damage for telekung..Rp434,000 for 6 pieces of telekung..try to bargain like crazy but this bapak really tough maa..I bought the weird, unique looking telekung that is hardly to find in Malaysia as such awning telekung, 1 piece telekung sarung, travelling telekung, and hantaran telekung that includes sejadah n bags. hee love it

the telekungs..or in indonesia they called mukena

Citra textiles Lantai 2 we borong the most kain. My sister did some shopping at D'fashion also

Makan time!!

pa Chi met ikan gurame bakar and the stall in front of pa Chi Met

lantai 6 is the Pasar Baru Food Court..hefty kind of Indonesia food but i choose Pa Chi Met recommend by most forumers also.. We order Ikan Gurame bakar set komplit ( they do not sell individual orders, must be with rice and mineral water price RP32,000). Meanwhile we also order kinda Ayam penyet style but different name in front of PCM, for 3 person only Rp40,000 with drinking water summore…

bought bandung T shirt at Pasar baru only cost Rp15-25,000. At airport around Rp100,000!

Wedding favours at Dasar 2

The wedding favour is more cheaper outside of Pasar Baru, near the shop row, but I am tired already, decided to just buy it here..A bit pricey but still reasonable.

Went out from Pasar baru around 5pm…Dah macam kerja kat Pasar baru ni, from 9-5..hehe..We took Gemah Ripah cab(metered) to went back to hotel.. barang sangat banyak, xsanggup naik angkut. Cost around Rp25,000.

Solat, mandi and stuff then went out again to Chiwalk. Since it rains heavily, some of the plans does not went out well. We do not dine at D’Cost because of the electric circuit breakdown along Jalan Setiabudi, paris Van java road also banjir a bit..only Chi Walk are accessible and still got electricity.

did some shopping at Yogja supermarket, Chi Walk

we bought J.Co and pulsa ( topup card )My sister’s maid ordered Kicap bangao?? and Indomee??..Since its different from what is sold in malaysia, she borong 1 carton box..

Aya inside the supermarket.i love the parasol deco up on the wall

Ok tidaklah sanggup saya bergambar begini kalau di KL..hehehehe dgn benda xhalal pulak tu

we had our dinner here

Mula-mula nak makan di ES teller 77 but nearly close and some of the menu not available..So here we go, the food…so-so..Total damage Rp90,000 for 3 person. The deco is very nice.

Aya bought simpack XL, it is under axiata, many recommend this pack loh. Went to Sports FO near Chi Walk to see some of the stuff…then went back to hotel by Gemah Ripah cab..cost Rp20,000.

At hotel…packing all the stuff, sucking inside our bag because tomorrow we’ll be checkin in another hotell!!


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