..of being a woman

I hadnt update here regularly as i updated my wedding blog..but anyways…

I had a lot of thinking…

I’ve been lazy..i’ve sinned..i’ve break down promises..i meant another while i said another thing, my head do much thinking than my hands..(i mean i cant express it on paper)

I think that marriage will make me a better person..insyaAllah.

Its a huge advantage and bless being a woman in Islam..really

I mean…the sin that a daughter did is on her fathers and after marrige..its on her husband so is that mean woman never responsible for their own sin?

But another way around, woman does have a big responsibilities that not many woman can keep it well, including me..for instance to jaga aurat

excerpt from cari forum:

Seorang wanita boleh memasuki pintu Syurga melalui mana-mana pintu Syurga yg disukainya cukup dengan 4

syarat sahaja:

– sembahyang 5 waktu,

-puasa di bulan Ramadhan,

– taat suaminya

– menjaga kehormatannya.

Seorang lelaki perlu pergi berjihad fisabilillah tetapi wanita jika taat akan suaminya serta menunaikan
tanggungjawabnya kepada ALLAH akan turut menerima pahala seperti pahala orang pergi berperang fisabilillah tanpa perlu mengangkat senjata.

MasyaALLAH…sayangnya ALLAH pada wanita ….


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