Jules Cobb backyard

Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im in love with Jules Cobb backyard in Cougar Town.

It was perfect!! Not too large, homey, greeny, barbeque-friendly, neighbour-friendly because its so close to next door…It just feel so right.

I want a backyard like that….

You gotta see it.

Last night had tv marathon of Cougar Town (from ep 4 to 8 only) with Zue. I sleepover at her place..We adore the backyard so much. This show is hilarious. I cant believe the rating in US wasnt so good. The producer was thinking to change the title Cougar Town to something else because the viewers there seems not to like it. Im fine with “Cougar Town”. Maybe only “Cougar” will do just fine.


One response to this post.

  1. haha… yea! i wonder why it doesn’t make a hit in US. It’s awesome! Glee is fine but the awesomeness of Cougar Town is almost similar to “How I Met Your Mother”.. which is more awesome than Glee; except the singing part. Ok, I think I sound retarded now but who cares. 😉

    Have a great day!


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