Quick gateway-Fraser’s Hill

Never went to Frasers Hill before. Since my brother ask me to go and he has stay there 4 days in a apartment with 3 bedroom. Its a police quarters actually but really good la with only rm80/night for 3 bedroom…Thats cheap isnt it. I went there with Ayah.My brother open a stall booth to sell his crocs and World Cup stuff, I also put up some of my items eg bangles, earings and tudung.

The journey was truly challenging. I clocked my time from Jln Duta at 5pm and arrive exactly 7pm at the Jalan Gap, and arrive about 7.20pm,just before Maghrib. We use Bukit Beruntung exit, headed to Kuala Kubu Baru way and just follow the signboard. The road from KKB to Jalan Gap is somewhat i would describe as mind-boggling-thrilling. Its just like Bukit Putus route, but even worst, and longer.About 30km like that, i swear i would vomit if im the passenger.

Oh i didnt know theres a schedule timing to get to Frasers Hills. Its 2 hour gap each session.  I wouldnt imagine if i arrive there at 5.15pm..I had to wait until 7 to go up.Pfft..Luckily we arrive 10 minutes before 7pm. This naive girl (thats me of course) were confuse why theres long car queue and cut the queue instead and my dad ask the person there “What happen?Why cannot go up?” haha..So we wait and our car is the 1st car to go up.<–because of the cut queue reason.

the schedule

So we arrive and makan first at the food court, then went to rumah to mandi and stuff then goes back to food court to watch Germany vs Argentina match at the restaurant. Theres huge crowd watching it too and a great ambiance to cheer.

Then went back to house at 12.30,get some sleep and watch the next match on tv1(the house do not have Astro) so the match is delayed. In the morning, Ayah and Ayoi beli breakfast and at 10.30 dah nak balik because the next schedule session going down is 10.40am. So amik gambar pun rush-rush.

ayah n me at food court

the booth

ayah in front of puncak inn

Oh..On the way to and from Fraser’s Hill(if you are using KKB route), you will notice a huge damn dam ok. Its hugeee when i saw the brick that hold the water from back. Such an amazing mankind works.

empangan kuala kubu baru

Oh si gem ni nak buat ala-ala teruja.

Banyak lagi gambar tapi lembs nak load.Lupa nak resize, each 3-4MB..Pfft.Nanti rajin akan di upload.

Oh otw nak balik KL,I used Tg.Malim exit..Ntahape-ape konon nak cari jalan lain. Disebabkan rush untuk pergi Hi-tea kat Marriot at 1pm, so harusla speed..Turns out ade polis buat road block like thatlah…Im soo friggin nervous ok sebab this month nak kena renew roadtax,insurance lagi. Oh please jangan kena saman. Seriously i dont know what my error are at that time.Gila naive. So the polis trafik ask me to maneuver the car to the side. I kept on saying to ayah “Ayah nak buat camana ni,nak cakap apa”. Then the police ask for driving license and i put in in my purse which i placed at the back boot. Then ayah start his magic. Haha so-called lah. Ayah used the trick that he’s a policeman pensioner. Then the officer ask which state. Blah-blah-blah-UPP Chuping, Bidor-blah-blah…Turns out they both have the same boss. Padahal masing-masing tak kenal pun. The chit-chat last for about 10 minutes.Luckily he let me go.Pheww i was more than relieved and syukur at that time.

It took me 2 precise hour from Jln Gap to Marriot Putrajaya.Whoa im really hungry thats why boleh speed laju-laju.

Gambar Marriot nanti-nanti upload


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