CT Forze One, Wangsa Maju

The original arrangement is to have a little get-together among my uni friends here in KL. I waste make use of my whole week for the best place to eat that end up the blog post entitle Steamboat Buffet KL. Yah I wanna eat big. And what I mean by big is that endless big portion with limitless refill. So buffet it is. And I found this affordable…..hey hey ape aku mengarut..Ni blog post about CT Forze. Ok back to actual reason..I make a phone call to the place, that is Flaming Steamboat to reserve a seat but end up full. So the get-together is cancelled. And this adorable Zue says she wanna treat me dinner because I’ve been planning so hard for this get together..(Takdelah sangat pun ok).. Then afterwards sleeping at her place tengok Cougar Town together. of course I said yes. I did some googling and found CT Forze One near Wangsa Maju which is near Zue’s workplace and recommend it to her. So off we go….

CT Forze One is a military-based restaurant. I think one of a kind in Malaysia. It is run by a former Lieutenant so the whole concept is celoreng-celoreng. The table cloth, the wallpaper filled with military-army information, the waiter wore military shirt with boot, the outside restaurant is all those military stuff-golf caddy transform into battlefield vehicle.

Ok so the menu is ranging from local to western. Price wise moderate. If you order the food inside the 1st page of the menu book, you’ll be serve in a meestin, the thing that campers/army cook and eat on. Western food cannot la put inside those meestin.

While waiting for the food to be serve, you’ll be supply with this

Chinese tea and Japanese Nuts(kacang Jepun)

I love those kacang Jepun, sampai mintak kat Zue..still not enough..I bought another packet at Cold Storage afterwards.Heheee

“This is spirit fingers”. My weird friend Zue. She thought that she has Naima Mora’s persona.

Beverages. Zue order Root beer. Me Vanila Peach Blended

Her food. Oh my… the portion is hugeeeee. This lamb steak gah I love the sauce so much. Got 2 piece of ribs.Mula2 ok..the end daging macam liat sikit but still can eat

My humble meal. Serve with Telur masin and keropok. Rm4.50.

This is mine too.Tetibe teringin omelette.

The aftermath.Burrppppp. Alhamdulillah.Lagi sedap dari TGI okay.hehe.(Ntah tak penah makan steak TGI pun). Oh see I exchange meal with Zue because suddenly she become very full.I finished the steak

The placemat

The address

38, Jalan Wangsa Delima 2A, KLSC III, Seksyen 5, Wangsa Maju, 53300, K.Lumpur.

Near Carrefour Wangsa Maju,the landmark is MZ Curry House yang stand alone tu. Theres some saloon nearby there such Redgy Coiffure(I once went there). CT Forze One is the end of the shoplot.


2 responses to this post.

  1. You are a good photographer huda. By the way, I’d look like Naima Mora IF I didnt wear the specs, cut my hair short, blonde & trim it, free-blemish skin & sharper nose. LOL,,

    TGI lagi sedap la..of coz…(mentang2 br makan TGI..eceh..;)


  2. Courtney cox is the sexiest cougar that i have ever seen he he ;.;


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