Flaming Steamboat Buffet

Setelah menggoogle macam nak gila cari location steamboat halal and affordable, so me and my frinds went to Flaming Steamboat Restaurant. I reserve earlier to avoid frustration as before. So get the booking no 1. no 1 ok. Memang duduk betul-betul depan kaunter. I reserve 6 pax but turns out Nita cant join us because of her Granny ada kat rumah.

I pick up Fafa after work at 6.15, then fetch Zulin at her place, WangsaMas, off to DUKE because wanted to avoid traffic jam at Mrr2. I took the ramp Jalan Duta then gone haywire because salah ambil jalan. Wanted to use NPE but out of the blue, smpai kat Federal highway, right at the gerbang darul ehsan tu.urghh kena face traffic jam jugak. Then we arrive around 7.45 at PJS11. Flaming location adalah senang sebab after Sunway Pyramid, take the left ramp ada banyak shophouses just right before ESSO. Since me and fafa were fasting, we bought some beverages at ESSO then cari surau based on my Garmin. Surau adalah dekat tapi Garmin bawak jalan2 pusing2, however we manage to find it anyhoo. After solat straight to Flaming and find our seat. Aya came +10minutes later.

Yay the food selection banyak.. Sangat berbaloi la dengan rm20.90+ tu. i do not snap the whole thing because ramai orang. First got noodles selection, many varieties, then beverages about 4 choices, ice cream about 6-8 flavors, veggies got 3-4 choice, nasi goreng, bihun goreng, lauk-pauk eg sotong masak kicap, ayam masak merah, byk lagi. Steamboat thing ada fresh and processed. processed one place, fresh another place. I prefer fresh seafood la. memang craving sangat.Got chicken, fish, crabs, squid pun dah 4 jenis, prawn, shells, clam. I cant describe it all.

2 soup that is tomyam and white soup tu. Soup-wise..Uh uh biasa je..tak lah really damnly kick.

Pictures of the eaters

i want my crabb

fafah the soon to be bride

amoi in black

Me and mr. hanan the haywire

Ok this is the real "match made in heaven"

Gambar food memang tak ada sebab HP battery flat sebab guna Garmin tu ahh Tapi boleh check out others blog review

foodcraver and http://ibudamia.blogspot.com/2010/01/flaming-steamboat.html

Nanti nak try kat Pandan Safari rooftop Anjung Kayangan pula sebab ada steamboat juga. Rm20/pax. View dia cantik kot nampak KLCC, KL tower semua.

ps: Flaming Steamboat will be opening new branch at Setapak near Danau Kota this mid of July.

pss: Bithday boy/girl get free dine in buffet on their birthday. Just present IC while check out.


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