The blessed month of Ramadhan

Salam, long hiatus again…i dont have have an urge to blog about daily lifes. More focused on wed blog. But more or less, malas juga. We already decided on the date. Do we??Entahlah, im confused la about him..He seems tak kisah…any date pun boleh per say.

So march it is..i dont want to delay any longer.even though im tight on financial. Susah ye nak simpan duit if you only makes a litte not an average wages. Im so blessed to still have a job to pay the bills and sorts but manusia, its never enough.

So now im looking for a job. Had a couple of interviews but i turn it down some because it does not fit my specific criteria. Ya Allah bukakanlah rezki ku. I know i’ve been a terrible person lately, thats why rezki does not coming in…..So i had to correct it and usaha+doa.

Tomorrow all muslims start to puasa. Ramadhan, the most holy month of the year is coming. What is my preparation? Shame on u huda…You lucrate all the ideas but will you achieve it..InshaAllah. To perform tarawikh with no avail, to puasa with ibadah, not just puasa for the sake of restraining myself from hunger.To reads Al-Quran whenever im free at home, hopefully to khatam.

This morning I seek forgiveness from my dad before ramadhan start. He said he thought of my late mother…me too..Every ramadhan i will break fast with my mom as ayah always go to masjid to break fast with other jemaah. We will eat modestly, mostly lauk pauk with one kind of kuih. My mom is a big eater. She will cook all of the dishes. The ramadhan routine will always be with me and mom break fast, the she perform maghrib prayers, recite al-quran before prepare to go to tarawikh. Then we go to surau together.(sometimes i malas, so i didnt go, what kind of person i was eh)..Then after 8 rakaat prayer, i went back on my own because mom wants to join her friends for the in group Al-quran recital so the end of the month, they’all khatam the quran together. Then malam, we watch tv or stuff, went to bed. She’ll wake me up for sahur(ohhh i miss this) and eat together.

Mak, i will try my best to seek repentance during this month of Ramadhan, to shower you with doa and al-quran recitement. To show you that i am will to change. Take good care of me and ayah during this month as you does. I know you will always look for us and love us. Lets just welcome this month as we did before, i know you always be at home this month 🙂 I feel you.


Pada petang akhir Ramadhan orang-orang yang meninggal(sudah mati) menangis kerana peluang untuk berehat telah berakhir. Adalah di cadangkan semoga keluarga9(lelaki) menziarahi kubur pada petang akhir Ramadhan atau jika kuburnya jauh, hendaklah dibaca doa Tahlil selepas solat Asar. Semoga mereka diampuni.

Ibnu Abbas r.a pernah mengatakan bahawa roh orang yg meninggal dunia dibenarkan pulang ke rumah anak-anaknya dan berdiri di pintu rumah memohon belas kasihan daripada anak-anak mengirimkan bacaan doa, sekurang2nya Al Fatihah sekali untuk mereka.

Oleh itu janganlah terlalu gembira dan ingatlah orang-orang tua yang sudah meninggal, semoga nanti sampai giliran kita maka anak-anak akan ingat kepada kita.

Apabila tiba bulan Ramadhan, semua roh berkumpul di Luh Mahfuz memohon  kepada Allah S.W.T untuk kembali ke bumi. Ada roh yang dibenarkan  pulang ke bumi dan ada yang tidak dibenarkan.Roh yang dibenarkan pulang adalah kerana amalan baik mereka semasa hayat mereka ataupun ada  penjamin-penjamin yang mendoakan mereka. Manakala roh-roh yang tidak dibenarkan pulang disebabkan kesalahn mereka semasa hayat mereka akan terus di penjara di Luh Mahfuz.

Apabila roh dibenarkan pulang, perkara pertama yang mereka lakukan adalah pergi ke tanah perkuburan untuk melihat jasad mereka. Kemudian mereka akan pergi ke rumah anak2 mereka, orang yang mendapat harta pusaka mereka dan ke rumah orang yang mendoakan mereka dengan harapan orang yang mereka lawati itu memberi hadiah untuk bekalan mereka.Perkara ini akan berlarutan sehinggala tibanya Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Pada saat ini mereka akan mengucapkan selamat tinggal kepada jasad dan pulang semula ke Luh Mahfuz dengan bekalan yang diberikan oleh mereka2 yang masih hidup.

Here are the post i took from one of my favourite b2b blogger, Sabby. She share lot of things that i find great

Salam everyone,

I found this amazing book on Ramadhan written by Um Imtiaz( Mazalina K. Ghouse) distributed by Al-khadeem….I would love to share it here….some of the articles that i find is an absolutely amazing reminder for all of us on preparing for Ramadhan….

1) seek sincere repentance
first- seek forgiveness from Allah swt and feel regret for all the sins committed.
second- ask the people whom we know to forgive our mistakes and foults.
third- free our hearts from negative attitudes and thoughts towards others…This will help our heart to be at peace and happy.

2) complete missed obligatory(wajib) fasts.
please make sure we have ganti ALL our fasts before Ramadhan comes.

3) seek knowledge on Ramadhan (very very important!!!!)
It is advisable to read books which are related to the rulings on fasting and it’s virtues. This will develop better understanding of Ramadhan. Those who are head of family, it is their duty to educate the family about the acts of worship that should be performed during Ramadhan.

4) avoid activites which distracs acts of worship
Ramadhan is only 29-30days, therefore it is wise if we organise our work our work so that it does not distrac us from fulfilling our duties towards Allah swt.

Oh mashaAllah it may be only 4 things, but i can say, its a lot harder to do…I would like to share one of my past experience during Ramadhan.

A few years ago, before Ramadhan started, I went for a talk , to preparing for Ramdhan…And the scholar mashaAllah gave a detail explanation on ganjaran and dosa during Ramadhan….once of the things he mentioned was that some poeple yang puasa in ramadhan, mmg tak dapat pahala langsung, hanya sekadar haus and lapar sepanjang hari…base on the hadith sahih below….

Hadith – Al-Tirmidhi #1989, Narrated AbuHurayrah [Darimi transmitted it.]
Allah’s Messenger said, “Many a one who fasts obtains nothing from his fasting but thirst, and many a one who prays during the night obtains nothing from his night prayers but wakefulness.”

Here are 8 very important things to do , to make Allah swt accept our puasa, inshaAllah for those that practise this will recieve the full reward of ramadhan…

1)Niat (intention): Remind yourself again and again that you are fasting in obedience to Allah. Be sincere in your intention. You want Allah to accept your fasting. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said:

“Whosoever fasts in Ramadan with faith and seeking Allah’s reward, all his past sins are forgiven.”(Reported by Al-Bukhari)
2.Sunnah: Observe the sunnah in fasting. Take the sahur meal a little before dawn and end your fast at sunset. Observe all the rules of fasting. It is very important to fast according to the example of our Prophet Muhammad SAW.

3.Wara`(Avoiding everything haram(forbidden) or makruh (disliked): Be conscious to have halal(lawful) food,halal income, halal relations. Avoid watching bad TV programs, videos, movies, etc. always but especially during this month. Keep your body and mind very clean. Avoid wasting your time in useless things and pursuits.

4.Qur’an: Spend more time with the Qur’an. Read Qur’an every day. Try to finish at least one time the whole Qur’an during this month in your own personal reading. Read some hadiths and the books of seerah(the Prophet’s biography).

5.Salat, du`a’ and dhikr of Allah: Pray on time and observe all Prayers. Do not ignore the Tarawih Prayers. Perform more supererogatory Prayers. Do as much worship as you can. Make more dhikr (remembrance of Allah) and du`a’(supplication) for yourself and for others. Repent and ask Allah for forgiveness as much as you can. This is the best time for devotion and seeking Allah’s forgiveness. Seek Laylat Al-Qadr (the Night of Power) by special devotion during the last ten nights of this month.

6.Zakah, sadaqahand generosity: Be very charitable and generous. Give more and more to help the poor and needy and to help good social and community projects. Also be good to your friends and neighbors. Let your non-Muslim neighbors and co-workers know that this is your blessed and sacred time.

7.Husn As-Suluk(good relations with others): Try to be extra kind and courteous during this month. Forget your quarrels and disputes. Reconcile and forgive. Do not get involved in backbiting, lying, cheating, and anything that is wrong. Be very good to Muslims and to all human beings.

8.Tafakkur(contemplation): Think, reflect, and plan to improve the moral and spiritual condition of your own self and your family. Think about any wrong things and sins you may have been doing and decide to correct yourself. Think about any deficiencies you have in your Islamic observances, and plan to change yourself. Think what you can do for the Ummah and for humanity to make this world a better place for everyone.

“O you who believe, fasting has been prescribed for you as it has been prescribed for those before you, so that you may attain taqwa.” [NOBLE QURAN 2:183]


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