Day 01 — My favorite song

So it means all-time favorite song or current favorite song?? I’ll split it into 2 lah.

All-time fav song wud be

1. Michelle branch-All you wanted

I could sing this song as if im listening it for the first time. Mula listen to this during 2002 i guess, its very addictive i dont know why.

2. Sweetest Girl-Wyclef Jean feat Akon/Niaa & Jerry Wonda

Such a great song arrangement especially in acoustic version

Current fav song

1. Poker Face by Glee cast-Lea Michele ft Idina Menzel

Harmonious tunes from a broadwayers.

[BONUS] Wedding-mood fav song.hehe

1. Virginia Moon-Foo Fighters and Norah Jones

An unexpected voice from the foo-fighterers. A low-key song that melts.

[BONUS] Islamic fav song

1. Asma-ul Husna-Dr Ary Ginanjar

They are many version of Asma0ul husna but this one made me cried while watching the clip in Astro Oasis. It really shows how beautiful our dear Allah is.

Ok thats all. Good morning sunshine.1st day of Ramadhan.


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