Day 04 — Your favorite book

I don’t reallly read books. haha i know.bad habit. I only read Readers Digest and mag and mostly i love online info.. One part of it is that books sekarang mahal-mahal la..But i remember that my love to reading blossomed when i was 15-16, reading classic collection from Penguin like these..mostly from Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte

And i love biography life-true stories especially involving war

and a successful founder woman in a business world

Zaman sekarang ni, baca this book. well..

tu pun baca e-book…hehe. but i love New Moon out of all Twilight books. Its lovingly romantic..arghh, dalam buku la, dalam movies..blerghhh.

Islamic books ada beli juga tp tak habis baca lg..Im a slow reader ye..

Ni dah macam bukan favorite books je. Macam list of books i’ve read in my entire life je??hahaha.tak lah..tak..


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