My makeup regime

This morning im breaking my normalroutine………..

in Makeup.

I use different cleanser, foundation, compact and blusher..and i look totally adorable–to me.

I placed my makeup bags inside my car for the reason that im so expert in makeup while driving to work. Apart from saying that im always late to work, thats why lah i kena makeup inside car.

My previous regime is this simple-

1. Wash with Avon cleanser

2. Use Mustika ratu sari jeruk nipis toner (this one works for me like wonder!)

3. Apply my fav cream-Safi green top tube (before this Im so hitam, this product gives me good complexion and pimple-free)

4. Elianto Foundation. Recently bought this because on sale. But im not 100% in love with it.

5. ZA 2 way cake.

6. In2it/silkygirl blusher in nectar blush.

The rest is the same. To me, this 6 steps is the most important thing to make sure u have covered, flawless makeup.

Ok so my regime today changed for the 1, 4,5 and 6th step.

1. Im using all-natural cleanser that my kakak are selling. It is called 99 Face made from 99 herbs from 99 island in Langkawi. Details here. It makes your skin supple n clean and pimple free.

4. I looked back inside my bag n found my SilkyGirl Skin perfect foundation in Tan that i love so much before

5. I found my old mini compact powder Maybelline n tried it

6. Last night i bought this generic brand All About Eyes blusher in blush at Tesco, its duo colour and i love the combination finish on my cheek so much.

And i love this look wayy better than my previous regime. Gonna use this sequence for upcoming raya and risik. pulak to hear ada org datang risik. Macam laku sgt. hehe. What lah…

Happy 28th Ramadhan

ps: InshaAllah tomorow going to kubur to visit arwah mak. I miss you..


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