Flame to dust.

In relationship, I’ve always been tested by Allah..More often now and i wonder why..

I believe anything that happens to us, for a reason or what we call ada hikmah atas sesuatu kejadian.

In my case, that I’ve been observing for quite a while..i’ll be very sad..and lunatic for a while, and then i start to hold my back and turn to Allah. It’ll ALWAYS like that. I look up for Him only when im sad, grieve. During jolly good times, i kinda not really been this good. Thats very bad right.

So this is the remembrance of Allah s.w.t towards his umat. Be glad that this happens because He want you to be good, gain pahala, and away from dunya issue for a while.

Alhamdulillah. No tears,huda.

The tragic accident near Simpang Ampat PLUS highway is very devastating. It could have been me. Actually it could have been anyone but I travel by bus to JB-KL once in a while. Sometimes i think, we went somewhere with wrong intention, but still Allah protect us and grant us life. We should be thankful. Syukur. And thats something we should think about. We lived..and what should we do?Actually, what is the RIGHT thing we should do?

ps : You know what fear me the most?While thinking about death, am I really ready in a condition that is favorable?What if every ibadah and things i made is not accepted because my intention is wrong? Wallahualam.

Like i said, ada hikmah sesuatu kejadian, i always put that of why mak passed away. Its her ajal that Allah takes her life, but I think this world is not her place. Its other part. Allah loves her, and im redha that way, I can figure out why although it may be wrong, but i want to keep on that thought.

Turn to Allah, He’s never far away.


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