be calm and patience

I am a lunatic.

i can scream and annoys my partner.

But now i learned that one must stay calm and patience. Well its true that good thing comes to those who wait.

I am still in a hanging-state.I had to pull out my last entry because it sounds too offensive. As much as i hurt, my feeling is still strong towards him.

Last sunday I went to Nina’s brother kenduri near PJ with Aya. The food was great, by Restu Catering. Gotta find their contact number.:)..Then I went jalan2 with Aya to Sunway Pyramid-munching and food-eye-walking. We went to buy frappucino Starbucks and sit down at Wendy to enjoy my favorite Chilli. Its a great feeling.

She did some advice on how to be patience. Thanks hon. It works. Even tho we both dont know it’ll work temporarily or permanently.


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