Dreams and `dua

I dont know what to write in here anymore. I lost my passion to write and tell.

I had a strange dream this morning. I went to ceramah, saw my long friend, Erma and went in a little hut. Ustaz Haron Din was there. He help me with something but suddenly our stuff fell down to the river. He manage to pick up my stuff but his belongings went to the middle of the river. Then i looked around and saw a mirror, i look it up, and I dont have a face. No eyes, nose or mouth. But i manage to see it all. I recite some zikr and there my face went back to normal. I freaked out. Then i woke up. Its 8 am. I sleep at 7 after Subuh. I told myself not to sleep after subuh but cant help it.

Last Saturday i dreamt of Aya telling me that i wasnt put enough effort on helping him(N), she ask me to do iktikaf. Or iktikad. I think it is iktikaf because it meant that you take some time at the mosque praying, reciting quran and zikr. It made me think. Maybe i should do it. I wasnt being superstitious believing in dreams but as long as it is a good thing, it wasnt wrong isnt it? No harm to try.

Aidiladha was great. I just cant describe it. Something that happen to me recently really change how i view things.

Some share about doa:

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda “Empat doa yang tidak akan ditolak ialah doa orang yang melakukan haji sehingga dia kembali, doa orang yang berperang (berjihad) sehingga dia kembali dari medan peperangan, doa orang yang sakit sehingga dia sembuh, doa seorang Islam terhadap saudaranya tanpa pengetahuannya. Doa yang paling cepat diterima diantara doa-doa tersebut ialah doa seseorang terhadap saudaranya tanpa pengetahuannya” (Riwayat Dailami melalui Ibnu Abbas r.a.)

source: here

Dalam salah satu hadis dijelaskan bagaimana sifat dan bentuk doa yang
diperkenankan Allah.
Sabda Rasulullah saw yang bermaksud : Apabila kamu meminta kepada Allah
bermohonlah dalam keadaan kamu yakin sepenuhnya akan dikabulkan Tuhan. Allah
tidak memperkenankan doa seorang hamba yang hatinya lalai.

Dari hadis tersebut, ditegaskan oleh Rasulullah saw supaya setiap orang yang
berdoa harus yakin bahawa doanya akan diperkenankan Tuhan sama ada segera atau
lambat. Yakin itu akan timbul apabila seluruh jiwa dan raga dipusatkan mengadap

*Sedang mengajar diri untuk beristiqomah.Biar sedikit, tetapi tetap dan berterusan. InshaAllah


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