I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies

Today is a big day somehow..I need to talk to the families..some complicated stuff.

Hope for the best. I brought some chocolates for the kids..but totally forgot to bring out the bottled water.

I wore Davidoff Cool Water today. Its sooo fresh. Im starting to love it now.

Tomorrow nak duduk rumah je.I love Wednesday at home. Ntahla. Tuesday ada plans. Friday ada kerja overtime at office. Saturday wedding fafa. Sunday wedding Elliza. Ok done for the week.

Ayah burned the carpet down. He always had some occurance yang tak pleasant tau. Hurmm but its ok.nanti pergi Nilai 3 to beli the tikar buluh and mattress toto. Maybe this Sunday.

Next month nak pergi Sunway Lagoon. Just having fun. I need a perk of my life and balance between spiritual and physical.

I have no plan on seeing any traditional meds practitioner for the mean time. Bertawakal dan berdoa buat masa sekarang. Believe in the power of doa dan menyerahkan ketentuan hanya pada yang maha Esa.

Rasulullah s.a.w telah mewasiatkan kepada Ibnu Abbas r.a: Apabila kamu bermohon, maka bermohonlah kepada Allah s.w.t. Apabila kamu meminta, maka mintalah kepada Allah s.w.t. Dan, ketahuilah bahawa sekiranya sekalian makhluk saling bantu membantu kamu untuk memperolehi sesuatu yang tidak ditulis Allah s.w.t untuk kamu, pasti mereka tidak akan sanggup mengadakannya. Dan, sekiranya sekalian makhluk mahu memudaratkan kamu dengan sesuatu yang tidak ditulis Allah s.w.t buat kamu, nescaya mereka tidak sanggup berbuat demikian. Segala buku telah terlipat dan segala pena telah kering.

This is the doa i posted on my FB wall during my birthday, before i knew something is wrong with my relationship.

” Ya Allah, I dont know what lies ahead for me this year, yet i know You are holding my future in Your hand.Let my ways be pleasing to You. May I’ll be blessed with health, wealth and prosperity. Ameen.


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