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Derita merindu

Kalau dengar one particular song tu..asyik dengarr je lagu tu kat mana2..Before this lagu Mine Taylor Swift..then recently lagu Ahli Fiqir-Derita Merindu. Like..dalam kereta dengar..masuk petrol pump station, lagu tu juga..But i really like the song. Too bad Ahli Fiqir dah split..Mawar Berduri reminds me of someone i know.If this is their last singles as a group, its a great one…to me.

Kaulah bahagia..Kaulah derita

Jika kau dapat memahami
Hati seorang perindu
Baru kau tahu derita hatiku
Jika suatu hari nanti giliran kau merindu
Baru kau ingat derita diriku
Segala yang berlaku bukan kemahuanku
Apa gunanya bahagia
Jikalau bahagia bersamamu
Hanyalah untuk sementara waktu
Aku pilih derita merinduimu

ps: Went to JB again for work last saturday..This time is different..Im gonna let this go. Time will heal kan..


Let Go

I had an epiphany.

While im driving…I had this hiss to let go..

Here’s something that struck me  taken from iluvislam

Bagaimana boleh kau katakan cintamu kerana Allah. Sedangkan kau mengabaikan Dia ketika cintamu dengannya sedang indah bercahaya. Sabarlah wahai hati. Doamu mungkin tidak makbul sekelip mata. Barangkali Allah akan memakbulkannya di lain masa. Barangkali Allah ada hadiah yang lebih berharga untukmu!

Aliran sungai merah terasa semakin deras mengalir ke kepala…

Akal : Cinta kepada manusia yang gila seperti itu, hanya layak disandarkan kepada Allah. Allah menarik cintamu kerana Allah lebih mencintaimu. Allah merindui doa dan tangisan hambanya. Allah mahu kau kembali mengindahkan cintamu kepadaNya!

Hati mulai menangis… Sepi… Kesal…

it happens..but tilt your heads up..its not over till its over.

Last 10 Muharam 1432H…im going to remember it for the longest time

During that…i am super calm..But things go way around now. I had an outstation to JB last Saturday. The trip to JB become more frequent than the usual because i have to go there this 26th and 8th January. Strange, maybe there is something Allah wants to show me. Face you fear!

JB is special to me. It is so close to my heart more than i could say in words, i really dont know why. I pass through a road last Sunday near JB town and said to myself ” Damnnn..i really love this place, why did he has to leave me and left with this feelings of broken wings”

From Plentong, i went to Bakar Batu.. A place with thousand memories. I still remember the route, had a little lost but im catching it up quickly. Stopped by Jusco Permas to buy some gift for the kids and Atuk ucu. I went to Bakar Batu when i was little, probably 8 years old because in the picture, Yasmin’s still a baby. It was the wedding of Paklong Man and PakNgah and sooo meriah. I love the atmosphere and the surrounding. I said to myself, I love this place, which i regard to Bakar Batu.

Then on 2002, im 16, i met him and to my surprise, he’s from Bakar Batu. The thing made me go speechless and overwhelm.

The rest is history.

Back from JB, I got a great news from my colleagues that someone want to help me. I cant thank her enough.

Ya Allah, berkatilah usahaku yang satu ini..

Day 2..5 days more and hope i can istiqamah over this to do it on a daily basis. InshaAllah. Allah is great.

“Put your trust in Allâh, certainly, Allâh loves those who put their trust (in Him).”

[Surah Surah Al-Imran Ayah 159]

Mukadimah Perkahwinan

Sesungguhnya bahagianya rumah tangga, lahirnya anak yang baik dan cerdik, serta kekalnya kehidupan rumahtangga adalah terletak kepada pemilihan suami isteri yang baik. Pemilihan itu mestilah dilakukan dengan penuh rasa sedar, tidak dipengaruhi oleh perasaan yang bergolak atau keinginan untuk memperoleh mashalat tertentu yang bersifat sementara. Pemilihan itu mestilah berasaskan dasar yang kukuh dan akan bertambah kukuh dari semasa ke semasa.

from Kitab Fikah Mazhab Syafie cetakan Disember 2005

I hope you made the right decision and choices. Had a feeling that today is the day. I wont give up and I will help you even though people sees me as being disposed by you. InshaAllah. I’ll move on. I had a great feeling that Allah has wayy better plan for me. Yes..ME.

post hiking injuries…lagi


Taklah teruk sangat tapi melampau sakit at certain area..lengan n belakang badan plus abdomen..Like..seriously? Masa Angsi dulu tak pun…So im probably fit for gunung je kot. ha ha.

Accompanied Cece’s colleague. Im glad i said Yes sebab the topview is amah-zinggg. Cece’s friends were all nice and helpful to me yang sangat tak ada stamina,tak work out, couldnt catch my breath..I brought pisang kaki and ate it at one of the tempat rehat. Strange kan tak ramai orang tau pisang kaki which in English is persimmon. Mula2 tak tahu juga, ayah yg introduce and suruh makan. It looks like tomatoes tapi rasa dia lain even byk edible seeds. Pisang kaki grown in 4 season countries especially China & Japan dan nutritional value dia :- vitamins B,C, fiber, anti oxidants, iron, calcium, low calories (good for those whose on weight-watching)

Ok tetibe lari tajuk.. Anyway enjoy the pic of my hiking

All picture taken using my Sony A200. Dah lama sgt tak guna. One thing i love about the camera..kalau gambar outdoor mmglaa terbayekk.. Cube try indoor tgok..Rasa mcm nak baling je camera tu.

Oh that was Cece’s friends. I ngikut je.hehe

Oh btw, ni hiking Broga lah. Dekat je dengan rumah. Semenyih dihati.ha ha.

Salam Maal Hijrah 1432H

A new year ahead..but first I want to look back on what happen last Hijri year which i regard as the year with most dugaan that taught me the meaning of patience, redha

My dear mom passed away on 12th Muharam

I had dengue and had to stay in a hospital on Rejab

Big scar on my hands due to pressure cooker blast on Ramadhan

Last but not least..the “thing” which i really think will end all the misery..but it didnt happen. Kita merancang, Allah yang menentukan segalanya. A really good article s of  “not everything we want, we can get easily”

{Every soul will taste death. And we test you with bad and with good as a trial. And unto us you will return.} Al-Anbiyaa: 35

Today is 1 Muharam and my Hijri birthday happens to be fall on Muharram also. its a double happiness.

ps: in a relationship’s note on Facebook is amazing

Strange dream

I rarely had dreams this couple of weeks but last night was the most terrified one.

I know that most dreams are mainan syaitan and very few are from God’s will/hidayah.

I dreamt that our home sofa is burnt. Considering ayah had burnt down the carpet beforehand, so maybe that thing kept bugging my head. Then i saw a mannequin at the kitchen moving and jinxing me. I felt so weird. Then i saw my late mom, she’s leaving the house. She aint wearing hijab and she look so young. While walking away, she twist her back and said ” Its not safe here in this house, leave the house immediately”. Then i ask her..what more?say something more..She continue by saying ” Listen to good stuff that will not lead you to sins”-something like that. I cant remember it well.And she goes away.

After that, a lot of people come by the house and buried/digged something on the ground. I asked them why did they do that.The clan said that they were looking for a illegally buried corpse. I said that you wont find it here.

Some random guy said to me to be careful. Tok kelembai are the one who put a black magic to my family. I have no idea who’s Tok Kelembai is.

After a while, they found a corpse body. It was a goat but the body is human. They accused my father doing such thing and they pull him out from the house and cut his throat. I cried and cried because as if i experiencing it all consciously.

Then i drove over to the police station and lodge a report.

I woke up. I was scared. I took wudhu and pray.

This is all syaitonnirrajim’s game isnt it.

ps: I found an amazing website about spiritual healing