Strange dream

I rarely had dreams this couple of weeks but last night was the most terrified one.

I know that most dreams are mainan syaitan and very few are from God’s will/hidayah.

I dreamt that our home sofa is burnt. Considering ayah had burnt down the carpet beforehand, so maybe that thing kept bugging my head. Then i saw a mannequin at the kitchen moving and jinxing me. I felt so weird. Then i saw my late mom, she’s leaving the house. She aint wearing hijab and she look so young. While walking away, she twist her back and said ” Its not safe here in this house, leave the house immediately”. Then i ask her..what more?say something more..She continue by saying ” Listen to good stuff that will not lead you to sins”-something like that. I cant remember it well.And she goes away.

After that, a lot of people come by the house and buried/digged something on the ground. I asked them why did they do that.The clan said that they were looking for a illegally buried corpse. I said that you wont find it here.

Some random guy said to me to be careful. Tok kelembai are the one who put a black magic to my family. I have no idea who’s Tok Kelembai is.

After a while, they found a corpse body. It was a goat but the body is human. They accused my father doing such thing and they pull him out from the house and cut his throat. I cried and cried because as if i experiencing it all consciously.

Then i drove over to the police station and lodge a report.

I woke up. I was scared. I took wudhu and pray.

This is all syaitonnirrajim’s game isnt it.

ps: I found an amazing website about spiritual healing


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