it happens..but tilt your heads up..its not over till its over.

Last 10 Muharam 1432H…im going to remember it for the longest time

During that…i am super calm..But things go way around now. I had an outstation to JB last Saturday. The trip to JB become more frequent than the usual because i have to go there this 26th and 8th January. Strange, maybe there is something Allah wants to show me. Face you fear!

JB is special to me. It is so close to my heart more than i could say in words, i really dont know why. I pass through a road last Sunday near JB town and said to myself ” Damnnn..i really love this place, why did he has to leave me and left with this feelings of broken wings”

From Plentong, i went to Bakar Batu.. A place with thousand memories. I still remember the route, had a little lost but im catching it up quickly. Stopped by Jusco Permas to buy some gift for the kids and Atuk ucu. I went to Bakar Batu when i was little, probably 8 years old because in the picture, Yasmin’s still a baby. It was the wedding of Paklong Man and PakNgah and sooo meriah. I love the atmosphere and the surrounding. I said to myself, I love this place, which i regard to Bakar Batu.

Then on 2002, im 16, i met him and to my surprise, he’s from Bakar Batu. The thing made me go speechless and overwhelm.

The rest is history.

Back from JB, I got a great news from my colleagues that someone want to help me. I cant thank her enough.

Ya Allah, berkatilah usahaku yang satu ini..

Day 2..5 days more and hope i can istiqamah over this to do it on a daily basis. InshaAllah. Allah is great.

“Put your trust in Allâh, certainly, Allâh loves those who put their trust (in Him).”

[Surah Surah Al-Imran Ayah 159]


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