A week wrap.

I went to JB last 8th January of my last 3-in-a-row outstation to south but this time i need to go to Singapore. Sleep over at Umie’s place kat Ulu Tiram then Saturday morning off to Singapore by colleagues car. Then i sleep over at Atuk Ucu’s place kat Bakar Batu..They are really nice to me, bring me jalan2..hehe. Then on Sunday morning i had a photoshoot-so-called with Faiz, assist by E and Shikin Lab. It was an impromptu plan i had on FB with Faiz. Always wanted him to photographed me since i’ve been seeing his work on FB. He has a really good hands on editing.

So off we go to kebun istana. he ask me to wear white kurung. I dont have an all-white kurung(strangely) so i mixed match with anything white i have. The results…voila!

prasasti seni

i love this so much

soft makeup added

I love it to the maxx..People keep on asking me what is the purpose of the photoshoot. Its actually suka-suka since i have this plan dgn Faiz for so long, then baru ni ada peluang. Plus macam broken hearted shoot..haha. Its like..I move on..Its a great therapy for me, as to end all the misery i had encountered. Alhamdulillah

The weather was so nice. Its after the rain, we went to kebun istana and danga bay for the beach shoot. E suggest to shoot at Rumah hantu nabila ape tah.Ada la urban leegend.but then i had no guts..haha. I dont want to cari pasal..Seeing the rumah from a far pun dah lain..We went lunch at Kacang Pol Plaza Larkin since faiz never ate it..

I went back to KL the same day on 5.30pm. Its a great trip, indeed. Oh i stopped by at kak long’s place(still). Shes so nice to me. I might never want to forget her.

ps: Dudes cheat on fine, smart, beautiful woman to get with someone less classy. So Sad.


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