I am a good girlfriend.

and im not ashamed to put that up.

I watched No String Attached last night with my girls, I know its not a good rated kind of movie but somehow takada movie lain lagi..we kinda had to…unwillingly :p. Since dah lama pula tak hang out with these girls, so belasah. (Actually kiki nak sangat.haha)

Personally, the early part of the movie is geli lah..But the later part is sweet. Here comes the mushy side of Ashton Kutcher. It potrays the perfect boyfriend character in action

  • Brings a balloon to the workplace
  • Did a period mix CD while she’s in menses-lunatic cycle. All songs related to blood, bleed, periods and such..sweet..
  • Brings cupcakes while shes in menses-lunatic cycle.
  • Set up an itinerary dates.
  • brings a bouquet of carrots instead of flower because the girls doesn’t favor it.
  • had a breakfast date!
  • drives a long way just to see him/her

I did gives CD mix, cupcakes, breakfast date, flowers, planned dates even tho it doesnt have a real print-out itinerary and did drives a loong way just to see him. I work so hard for the relationship. It didnt pay off but its ok. Im glad i did those.

Zue said im a playgirl..means i hang out with many different girls at one time. And i went out singly..haha. Sounds like a real playgirl kan. Im a one-on-one type, I notice that.

Shot by Rudy Azwan at Kak kema’s solemnization. I love this pic so much. Boy.. dont we look crazy happy? They’re all been good to me. I never thought I could like..ever befriends with them since dulu UTM tak tegur sangat cuma tegur with Wilson sebab dia selalu kacau my dancers team practice kat hall KRP..hehe..and Nazmi sebab dia mmg dancing team and Awang sebab in dancing team juga. Tu pun biasa2 je. Ummu obviously lah is my friend. Puyi’s expression which contra dengan everyone else mcm stood up sgt..hehe

Semenyih clan


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