Food for soul

One thing i love about facebook is that it doesnt only keep me connected with friends, but also gives me useful inputs. I once proclaimed myself to facebooking for greater good.

in a relationship with helps me a lot with their great notes during my hard times. Tapi sekarang dah tak ada notes. I wonder why…

I came across Mutiara Hati that put good statuses

If our ‘love’ for something makes us willing to give up our family, our dignity, our self-respect, our bodies, our sanity, our peace of mind, our ‘deen’, and even our Lord who created us from nothing, know that we are not ‘in love’. We are slaves.


So while ultimate happiness is everyone’s goal, it is often difficult to see past the illusions and discern love from ‘hawa’ (nafsu). One fail-safe way, is to ask yourself this question: Does getting closer to this person that I ‘love’ bring me closer to—or farther from—Allah? In a sense, has this person replaced Allah in my heart?


Whatever grief we go through, whatever hardship we endure, we must understand that we are never alone. Even if we feel abandoned by the world and those closest to us, Allah is there. He reminds us in the Qur’an, “Fear not. Indeed, I am with you [both]; I hear and I see.” (20:46)


Happy Monday. Its the last day of February 2011.


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