good people

I loved it when you bump into someone you dont know at all and they did nice things to you. In any way….

Last Monday i went back kampung at Tapah, on the way dekat Tg Malim, my car got some problem which i couldn’t figure out because everything look so right. Cuma i notice the stereng gegar n bearing/alignment lari sangat. it has weird sound macam something stuck at the tyre or rims. Stopped by couple of times to check. many people offer helps. Then kt R&R, this one gentleman baru keluar from his car terus help us out. I dont know what he did tp lepas tu tak ada lg bunyi yang annoying. So thankful and grateful. Alhamdulillah.

Just now while waiting for kakak n ayah at Food Court Dagang Avenue to dinner, maghrib masuk, then trus solat kat surau sebelah. The surau ramai foreigner, yeah area situ byk foreigner then when i get in the saf, this one auntie yang mukanya sangat comforting tegur of my aurah. I was wearing the surau’s telekung so macam xberapa ngam and i did tutup my chin tapi tak sempurna, so this auntie tegur me. its a very nice act of her. I really liked it when elderly tegur youngster of agama thing. It shows that she did care. Afterwards lepas wirid and dua, i start to fold the telekung and ready to keluar because kakak n ayah are waiting. The same auntie asked politely if i want to wait until isya’ prayer. I said its okay, someones waiting for me. She then smiled and continue with her sunat prayers.

Its a good thing obviously kan. Sebelum ni ada juga some jemaah from masjid/surau tegur me of other particular in solat. For instance the way i ruku’ and the saf. I dont feel bad or ashamed, im glad they correct me. Its the sisterhood in islam to correct if ones wrong.

I’ve met good people. Im glad i did. Alhamdulillah. 🙂 May Allah blessed them with generous rewards (pahala)

ps:  Saw my friends wall on fb that his friend passed away. I recognize his name even tough i dont know him at all. He always comment my friends statuses/post. its a very shocking news because i saw his comment few days ago. it said he died of liver failure during sleep? im not sure how far is this true. Any reason it may made me realized anyone could be gone in any time. Tak kira sihat walafiat atau nazak sekalipun. maybe lagi terasa sebab he’s the same age. he’s a cristian. May he rest in peace. Seeing his fb page would be so sad and surreal, lagi pula its public. What if i gone on day unexpectedly by me and others… I always pray that Allah will take me in the best pleasing way and timing.

Keep us close to You, until the end of time..Ameen.

Lagi satu please go to bed early and avoid staying up late at night. It will definitely stress on liver. The best time to sleep is 11pm until 5/6am. because during that time, our organ began detoxifying. The organ(lung, liver, kidney, colon, gallbladder) will work inside but if we stay awake, its kinda make it hard for them to work. So they will stressed out and organ dysfunction is possible. Here are our organ’s working-time*:

11pm- 1am : Gallbladder

1am – 3am: Liver

3am – 5am: Lung

5am – 7am: Colon

12am-4am: Blood Cell production

* I cant find the original source but its what i’ve been taught and told by my superior. InshaAllah its correct.

ps: this also a reminder to myself. its 4.54am, im still awake…

We dont need long life span, we need healthy body.


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