Everybody wins.

Assalamu Alaikum…

Just got back from Umrah last Wednesday and demam till now..My body hurts, my pinggang sakit and my head as heavy as my weight. Plus my menses today. mashaAllah syukur that it came out sbb doa byk2 xdtg masa umrah. Alhmdulillah. nanti i share the doa how to tahan menses while on umrah. I’ll do a series of checklist n guide of umrah once dah sihat sikit based on my experience, inshaAllah.

What i meant of everybody wins is the thing that happen to me previously..Come to think about it, everybody wins.If it didnt happen, no one wins. Allah is great, how He plan everything,mashaAllah…I win in my own way, i got to be closer to Allah way better than last time. I got to go to the most holy place on earth and visit Rasulullah SAW. What is a better thing than that? I win, literally. He win of masukkan someone to Islam. Thats a big win. Alhamdulillah. And she win of gain hidayah from Allah to converts. No matter the motives or the execution of it, i want to think that…

Everybody wins.

ps: InshaAllah will write down some series of my umrah trip.:)


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