Umrah Trip- Day 1

I was feeling a lil bit nervous about the whole umrah trip at first. Thers a many reason contributing to it. One, i felt that i wasnt spiritually prepared sebab i felt i asyik keluar je at night 2 weeks before going. Second, im afraid my menses datang masa umrah which is 15th if correct on calendar which fall when we were at madinah.So i was super worried over this. Third, i havent finish reading all the material pertaining to the list i made beforehand. Actually mcm dah ok tp macam otak fikir tak cukup. Just as like nak exam, we felt that we read enough but still rasa xpuas.

Then pagi tu i managed to bangun awal  for subuh then visit kubur mak. I told her that im going to umrah with the rest of the family only without her..and arwah Paklong and i will always keep on praying for her and sedekah all i can, inshaAllah. Allah has fated this and i know they both were there watching us..

Then off to rumah nenek and wait yang tak sampai lg.. On the way to nenek’s ayah lupa ihram tp actually ada je dlm beg, he’s just was-was. Salu cmtu tau..Then masa nak bayar tol to KLIA, tiket cam hilang kejap.Dugaan2..hehe i was feeling a bit uptight n nervous with the situation macamtu..lagilah kan…Samapi sana, solat jamak takdim zohor n asar, then wait and wait an the flight delay smpai 6.30pm. Tapi about 7pm baru betul2 depart. beforehand my friends datang and hantar. Im so touched by that big act to me. Nana is my primary school friends, Lia is my secondary friends and Ain is my uni friends. They all came and i understand its Jummat and ppl are working. having them to come dah cukup to me.

So we arrived at Jeddah Airport around 10-11pm jeddah time and straight hop on bus to Madinah. Arrived Madinah around 6am, that time Subuh prayers baru je lepas..Sayang sgt xdapat Subuh at Masjid nabawi. When pass tru Masjid Nabawi i had this overwhelm feel yang sangat speechless. Macam sayu i dont know why..And sgt mcm xpercaya sampai juga ke tanah haram and berpeluang tengok the wonders and kebesaran and kecantikan Masjid kedua suci selepas Masjidil Haram. Because of super worried menses datang, rasa nak pergi je solat at Masjid Nabawi but semua pun solat di hotel saje. Our hotel is Jawharatul Al-Fayroz Hotel beside Hilton, very near i must say.. ye la taklah depan pintu masuk, tapi ada dalam 300-400m maybe. All the building look the same to me so susah nak recognize hotel at first.

After subuh prayer, breakfast and rest dalam bilik sebab tak selesa tidur in bus yg air conditioner tak function sangat. Then around 9am siap2 untuk ke Masjid Nabawi with all my aunts and neneks. Most of them pernah pergi before ni umrah and haji so tau pintu mana nak masuk so i just followed them. Masuk2 pintu yang paling mudah is 25 and ada guard perempuan berjubah hitam yg strict check bags semua. Then off we went, cari tempat paling sesuai and pray tahiyatul masjid and dhuha and any other sunat prayers yang nak. 1 prayers= 1000 pahala compare to biasa. MashaAllah..I did felt sayu and cried while on my prayers. Rasa dekat dgn rasululullah swt, wallahualam. Tapi mmg terasa…im so thankful i got this oppurtunity to stepped in the masjid.

Waktu solat sini sangat dekat2, Dhuhur is 12.30, Asar 3.55, Maghrib 6.30, Isya’ 7.30.

Lepas Dhuhur selalu akan balik hotel to makan lunch. Then rehat kejap, pergi Asar. Then lepas Asar ada ziarah2 area masjid dgn mutawwif. Then Maghrib, tggu Isyak sekali than balik makan dinner. Timing between Maghrib and Isyak paling mengantuk sekali..Sebab maybe kt Malaysia timing pkul 1am. Siap tertidor lagi. Supposely ada ziarah malam lepas isyak sebab mutawiff nak bawak jalan ke Raudah iaitu taman2 syurga..Tapi me and my aunts penat sangat tak tahulah kenapa..Kitorg balik bilik n tidur.

End of Day 1. 11-12 Mac 2011

Some quote from Grey’s Anatomy:

time flies

time wait for no man

time heals all wounds

all any of us want is more time.

time to stand up, to grow up,  time to let go



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